Sunday, March 11, 2012

Samuel Gerard

That's the name that we gave our sweet little new born son....

In my dreams, last night.

Oh what a joyful, amazing and wonderful dream.

Samuel isn't even one of the first two boy names that we have discussed.

It sure fit with the sweet, dark haired, little one though.

Oh what a glorious dream.

It was the first time I've ever 1)dreamt of a boy (only two other times I've dreamt of babies, it was girls) 2)so vividly remembered actually naming the sweet one of my dreams.

Apparently, in my dream, I didn't even realize I was pregnant.

But then I found out.

And was over filled with happiness.

And then, some dream time later, I gave birth to him.

Samuel Gerard.

He was handsome.

When I woke up from my dream, I was missing that little, in my dream but still my newborn, baby.

I tried to go back asleep but of course that didn't work and instead I was dreaming of cupcakes.

Oh well.

I'm thankful for that dream because it was a brief moment away from some of the not so wonderful feelings and anxieties that I've been feeling lately.

I do love dreaming.

Especially when it's about something so wonderful and something that rarely makes an appearance in my dreams.

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." [Walt Disney]


  1. That is a beautiful dream. And a beautiful name.

    May it come true SOON for you.

  2. Praying this dream comes true!

  3. I never have dreams, but love it when I do...once I dreamt I was pregnant with a big belly and woke up and thought I still was for a second! It was a really weird feeling, but one I was later thankful for because I got to experience (for a second) what it was like. :) I pray that your dream comes the name!

  4. Maybe a premonition? A few months before conceiving I dreamed we had a baby girl, and were trying to decide whether to name her Charlotte or Grace.

  5. Hoping that this dream comes true for you soon! And now onto finding some cupcakes!

  6. This post,and dream, is so endearing. I pray your dream comes true real soon...

  7. I love this dream...hoping and praying that your dream comes true someday soon. I love the name too.

  8. I'll be praying your dream comes true too! I had a dream or two like that when we were trying and they gave me so much hope and joy!!

  9. Love that name- so meaningful to someone who has conceived while bearing the cross of IF. Hope your dreams come true! Praying for you.

  10. What a beautiful dream! Also, I totally just pictured y'all with triplet boys!! (with your first two names and then Samuel too!) You just never know! ;)

  11. What a wonderful dream!!!! I know it will come true soon!

  12. Gave me goosebumps - what a beautiful dream (praying it comes true!).

  13. I really like the name. Crazy when dreams are so vivid. I'm glad this one brought you joy. Hoping it comes true soon!

  14. Prayers for a dream come true! (And I agree with TCIE mmmmm, cupcakes)

  15. Boy do I love to dream!!! Babies and cupcakes...all in all that was a good night for dreaming!

  16. What a beautiful dream! I hope and pray it comes true soon. And what a great name! :)

  17. I pray this dream comes TRUE for you soon! I love baby dreams too. Such a refreshing and uplifting experience.
    I have thought about the name Samuel myself (middle name). On our adoption profile book cover, we had listed the verse "For this child we have prayed" Samuel 1:27. I pray that your Samuel comes soon.

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