Thursday, July 18, 2013

Giveaway: baby headbands!

Hey y'all! So I've ordered from this website called Bitsy Bands about 3 times now and every time I love the flowers and the elastic is super soft!

The best part...the price! Everything is so cheap, even with shipping, so I've been able to make F's headbands for $1.50 or less!

I got my order delivered today and was so excited to make F some new headbands-and when I got started I realized I ordered double of some of the flowers...which means I want to give away 5 headbands! The size I made (going off a chart I found online) says it should fit newborn-9 months or bigger (since its elastic).

Here's the five headbands you can winAnd just to have an idea what they look like on, I had a beautiful model to show them of offSomone is teething it seems so she's not as eager to smile for the camera! :/ Still beautiful though! :)

If anyone wants them all you have to do is comment...even if it's just a hello! I'm thinking maybe ill learn of some readers out there I didn't know about!

Like I said, I didn't need double of these so I'm giving them away-my first ever giveaway-so I am hoping at least one person wants them!

(Bitsy bands is an awesome website but are not involved in this's all me since I got order happy the last time!)


  1. You know my love for headbands is deep!!!

  2. I rarely comment but hello! Have a blessed day!!!

  3. Hello!!! We love headbands in our house.

  4. Oh! One would look great on my little Mary Margaret!

  5. So cute! I'd love to win. Thanks:)

  6. They all look so pretty but I don't know what I would do with them!

  7. Oh, me please! I hope this gets in under the wire! -January

  8. I would love these! So cute! at gmail dot com

    Your baby is adorable.


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