Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I still got it....

Today I went to the gym.
The same gym we have been paying for for way too long and yet...not really using.

When we first signed up I was going 3xs a week and then life got in the way..

But, after not using this "product" that we were dishing out money for, I decided enough is enough with 1)feeling down about my weight and 2)paying for something we weren't using.

Today was technically day 2 after many weeks of being away...and well, it took all of 10 seconds for a super buff, workout guy to approach me while I walked the treadmill.

He noticed my shirt (Go Aggies) and asked if I went to school there (been there done that, class of '06 whoop) and then he talked about  him growing up in College Station. He then asked what I  got my degree in (English, certified to teach) and told me how awesome that was and rambled on about the importance of English degrees and teachers and this and that.  He asked the stereotypical, "you come here often" (not so much, can you not tell by the sweat building up from my simply walking this treadmill?!) and  other random things.

But then...when he asked what I do now and I said, "stay home with my 10 month old..." He looked at me sorta awkwardly and said, "oh, nice talking with you."  And then left.

Hmmm...guess he wasn't looking for a stay at home mom/homemaker.

Oh...and the kicker?

He was at least 70-80 years old!!!!

Super buff? Yes!
Talked like a young'en trying  to pick up a gal? Yes!
A man old enough to be my Gp? Oh most definitely!
Liked that I was a SAHM/homemaker? Totally not his cup of tea!

Regardless of his age...I think that this means I still got it, right? ;)

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Be still my heart.

This week has been a little tough.
But then, this morning I capture this moment...

Oh so blessed.