Monday, June 7, 2010

TTC History: Part 2

I really thought I would have been able to sit down and write our entire TTC history in one sitting...but that obviously didn't work.

Carrying on:

-September '08: Dr. P immediately discovers that I have PCOS. A SIMPLE sonogram of my ovaries shows this right away. Why my other doctor didn't do this...well, God only knows. He decides he wants to try a couple medicines and is hopeful, that by taking them at a very specific time each month, that we will get pregnant sooner than later. I like the sound of this and feel very confident. Here's the list of medicines that he had me begin with:
B6 every day
Mucinex and Ampicillin (because I had little to no CM).
Prometrium to jump start my periods
He also had us do a SA for the dh...once again, the other doctor never even mentioned the importance of testing my dh which blows my mind because what good would it be to do all these medicines just to find out your husband's semen is no good?! I am a little bitter about the time wasted with my old doctor, as you can tell, but I am trying my best to forget about it, which usually I do but sitting here and typing it out...well, it's bringing back some of that bitterness! Anyways, he has me come in on day 14 to do a sonogram to measure follicles. My body does not respond to the clomid the first month.

-October '08: Meet with a Creighton instructor and learn to chart. My chart shows that I do not ovulate. I have little CM and each day I'm looking I'm searching and hoping for this so called EWCM. I got nothing. I have brown spotting each month so he adds another medicine to help with that, Dexametha(something) I don't remember and I don't have the list in front of me, sorry! We continue with the same medicines.

-November '08: He ups the dosage of Clomid since my body didn't respond the first two months on it. All the other medicines stay the same.

-December '08 through February '09: We continue the same medicine (but taken at different days and at different doses) and continue to go in on day 14 for a sonogram to measure the follicles. We have yet to have a follicle(s) that are even big enough to measure. I'm getting very discouraged and the driving 45 minutes each month to get let down is starting to weigh on my heart/body/soul/mind, etc... My dh and I try and remember that even though we are doing these medicines that the doctor thinks will help, ultimately it is up to God when we conceive. Trying to stay hopeful even though I'm feeling rather defeated...

-March '09: He decides to do the same things but now introduce Femera instead of Clomid.

-April through July '09: Continue taking the medicines, upping the dosage of Femera each month in hopes that my body will respond. Still nothing! At this point I am convinced that my body will never respond to the medicines. I talk to my doctor about this and he says that I have to be patient and that he is starting us out on the smallest dosages of each medicines and working our way up and that time will tell whether or not it will work. Yeah...about that whole time thing, another anniversary is celebrated in June and I am really saddened by the fact that my body has not ovulated AT ALL since we have been married. The idea that the first two years of our marriage we have never even been in a position to create a little miracle breaks me heart. At this point I am thinking over and over again about how when I grew up I knew that you fall in love, get married, and with that love you create a little soul...that simple. This whole IF world is something that I never even knew existed. I am sad because I feel like I am the only one who is going through this.

-August '09: He decides to up the Femera once again and continue the other medicines and also introduce HCG shots. I don't remember the exact dosage, but I knew that it was a shot a day from day 8 until day 14 when they would do the sonograms to test the size of follicles. I am hopeful that this will certainly do something! I mean, how can you take shots and medicines and have timed intercourse and NOT get pregnant?! Oh, little naive me...

-September through November '09: Continuing the same thing. Medicines, shots, sonograms, etc.. And I am still not seeing anything worth measuring. I have my 26th birthday in October and have a melt down. I thought for certain that I would have a least one if not two kids by now! I mean, come on...I met my DH when we were in middle school and we dated off and on throughout HS until becoming serious in college. It was all too perfect... I'm trying to hold my head up even though I am scared to death at this point that maybe God just doesn't want me to have children.

-December '09: Go in for the routine "slap in the face there's going to be nothing" sonogram and low and behold there's three dominant follicles! I start to cry as if I have seen my own baby in there or something! My husband and I (bless his heart, he would drive each month with me to my appointments) are overjoyed that God has done this for us. We had both felt so defeated and had been let so much that we needed this little boost. We take the massive HCG shot and my butt hurts like heck but I gracefully take that pain and skip out of the office hand in hand with my husband knowing that "this was the month"!

-January '10: I was beyond thrilled this would be my first month throughout our 2.5 years of marriage that I got to POAS and we could maybe be pregnant. Those two weeks were the most crazy weeks ever. I seriously googled everything that happened to my body: pregnancy symptoms and 'headaches, frequent bathroom trips, thirstiness, hurt big toe (ok, not really but you get the picture)' because I was convinced that maybe just maybe I was carrying our little soul that we had created. NOT...AF comes on a dreary rainy day (actually blogged about this) and I am My doctor said we would continue the same thing and hope for some more dominant follicles. But after talking a week later after AF, his nurse calls and says that he thinks it's best for us to see an actual RE. He recommends my newest doctor down in San Antonio because she is great at what she does, is a strong Catholic/Christian and has done this so called "wedge resection" surgery which people tend to go to next when the medicines alone don't work. Well, I say people usually go to next but really I mean the ones who don't do IVF.

And so here we are now...looking like we will have the surgery next month. Part of me is hopeful that this will help and this will be our year. Another part of me is terrified out of my mind about the possibility of this not working. Either way, we are trusting that God put us in this exact place with the exact doctor where we will have this exact surgery FOR A REASON. We have always prayed for HIS will to be done and we are trusting that we are exactly where we are suppose to be.

I have my "high" days and I have my "low" days. I still feel that God has put this desire to conceive and have children on my heart and because of this I remain hopeful. I knew getting married what I thought would be the perfect timing for all of this to happen and we have learned the hard way, that if you pray for His will to be done expect it to be in His perfect (and holy) timing.


-July '10: Drove down to San Antonio and had a laproscopic surgery done. My doctor performed the ovarian wedge on one ovary and ovarian drilling on the other. She found some mild endometriosis on my tubes and removed that. After that the dye shot through wonderfully and she said everything looked great.

-August '10: After my surgery the a huge improvement happened...I started my period ON MY OWN and from this point on, I wouldn't need anything to "jump start" it.  We thought surely if I'm getting my period on my own then we'll be pregnant by the end of the year.

-October '10: My SIL tells us about her OBGYN and how he does such a "thorough job" with checking follicles and progesterone and whatnot.  We decide we don't want to "waste" any time just hoping my body is working properly after surgery, so we decide to set up an appointment with him.  He is shocked to hear that we have been open to life since we got married and that we had been actively seeking medical help for almost 3 years.  Of course his first question is about IVF.  :/ I explain our stance and he says he respects that.

Oct. '10-Aug. '11: Many months, blood work, doctor's visits, sonograms and pills later, we realize that our current doctor may not be the one for us.  1)he's not really a RE 2)he seems to only stick with prescribing clomid and checking follicles and giving a booster shot (which, thankfully because of the surgery, we saw quite a few dominate follicles...something we had never seen before).  But since because of my crummy progesterone readings and whatnot, he suspected I had LUFS and then wanted us to see his specialist (ie: IVF doctor.).

Aug. '11-Dec. '12: We decide to take another much needed break as we discern whether or not our next step will be with the Gianna institute in Austin or with PPVI in Omaha.

Dec. '11: We get a call from my MIL that changes our focus.  We are told there is a young teenage mom who is looking for a couple to adopt her unborn baby.  She is about 3 months along and wants it to be a closed adoption.  My DH and I's hearts race at the thought that maybe, just maybe we are already parents and we didn't even know about it.  Our hearts were always open to the idea of adoption, but because of costs, we were never able to fully pursue, and besides, since we had always been smack dab in the middle of IF treatments, our focus was not on it.  We get excited about the idea of being parents and discuss how this is the closest we have ever gotten to a BFP.  Just as quickly as the news came to us, we received word that this young mom aborted her child.  I felt as though I had miscarried this precious, innocent baby.  My heart was shattered as was my DH's.  Words do not even begin to describe the pain that we encountered with this.  All that kept us going was our faith in God and all that he brought to us.

Jan. '12: Excitedly begin to gather all our paper work to send off to Omaha.  We decided that we wanted to go to the "head honcho" of Catholic IF, Doctor Hilgers!

Feb. '12: In the midst of gathering stuff for PPVI, my heart is heavy and I feel so lonely and sad.  2012 was not a good start to a year.  I seemed to cry more than smile and I felt as though I was barely clinging to the hope and faith that had given me strength for so long.

March '12: Finally have everything ready to go and send off our packet and just wait for word back.

April '12: In the midst of waiting to hear back from PPVI, we are presented with another adoption possibility.  My dh is immediately apprehensive, since the last adoption opportunity turned out so very horribly.  Were our hearts healed from the last time?  Could we handle it if things turned out the same way?  In the end we decided to pray about it and that if it was God's will for us to be the parents of this little one, due in August, then the doors would open.  We unfortunately never heard from this young mom or her mom again, but word was that she decided to parent-which I would take ANY day over abortion.  My heart was sad that yet another opportunity was passing us, but so grateful that this young mom chose life.

May '12: We hear back from PPVI!!!  We are going to start working with them and the next thing on the list is to schedule a laproscopic surgery and trip up to Omaha!  After so many months of feeling defeated, this month we were both full of HOPE and full of FAITH that God had us right were he wanted us.  This month, I also come down with strep throat and the little care clinic prescribes ammoxicillan.  I get excited because I notice a LOT of CM-which I attribute to the meds.

June '12: Miracle of Miracles!  Right before our 5 year anniversary...I see what I thought I'd never see...DOUBLE LINES on a pregnancy test!!!!  It seems the meds were not the only things causing the abundance of CM for this PCOS gal, it seems I had actually ovulated and potentially for the first time in over 5 years!  My progesterone was horrible 6.4 and the doctors thought surely I would miscarry, but thankfully since we had just heard back from the PPVI they agreed to monitor my progesterone throughout the pregnancy.

Lots of shots, blood draws and pills put up you know where and here we are....January '13 and less than a month away from meeting our sweet daughter, a miracle that we had only ever dreamt about and hoped for....

"Everyday holds the possibility of a miracle..."

"I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish He didn't trust me so much."
(Mother Teresa of Calcutta)


Hebrews 11:1 said...

Thanks for sharing your story! I will pray that your surgery goes well! I can't remember who, but one of the doctors at PPVI once told me that the wedge resection has a really high success rate with PCOS, so that is promising! Keep us posted!

Grace in my Heart said...

I'm so sorry for all you and your husband have had to go through...ugh, it breaks my heart. I am feeling so hopeful for you and the upcoming surgery. Keep pressing on and staying strong! You are in my prayers.

Suzie-Q T-Pie said...

It sucks going threw so much, but luckily you found a great doctor who found out what was wrong and started treating you right away. Hopefully the surgery will work for you! I'll keep you in my prayers.

Faith makes things possible said...

Thanks guys for stopping by and reading our story! It means so much to hear y'all are praying for us! You guys are definitely in my prayers also.

Ann - Building a Nest said...

I know how frustrating all this can be. I'm so sorry for all you've been through so far.

Leila said...

With this group of wonderful ladies, you will be surrounded by prayer as you go forward in your treatment. God bless you on this journey toward your baby!

Kaitlin @ More Like Mary said...

I love that last quote! So true! It sounds like that combo of medicine worked if you got three follicles-can you stay on that while you wait for surgery? or start back up with it right after surgery? I'm praying for you!!

Faith makes things possible said...

We talked with my doctor and she wants to see how my body is without meds since it's been awhile and the surgery will most likely be next month so there's no point in getting back on them now. She said that I'll probably be without meds the first couple of cycles post surgery but that if nothing is changing that we'll try the meds again. Apparently some people who's body don't react to the meds before surgery will react to it after surgery. We will see I guess!

Lauren said...

Oh my. What a heart-wrenching start to the year you had. My heart broke reading about your experience with the three eggs and then no pregnancy. ANd I read up above you haven't scheduled your surgury yet. I have heard success stories from the ovarian wedge, but I know the Lord will put it on your heart to schedule the surgery when His time is right. I'm sorry this is so hard. I'm with you on that quote by Mother Teresa!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm a lurker! I've followed your blog a bit through Hebrews...I too am from the Texas and am trying to find a good RE in the dfw area. I just had surgery with dr. P in San Antonio (assuming it's the same creighton dr p you know) and would like to find a good dr here locally (doesn't have to be catholic, just not pushy towards ivf etc). Could you email me the name of your RE? My email is bridgetmidget at yahoo dot com. Thanks a lot!!

Katie @ Persevere in Prayer said...

I'm new to your blog and just read your whole TTC history. What's happened since last summer? Our TTC stories are so similar. I'm looking forward to following your blog! :)

Faith makes things possible said...

Katie-thanks for the comment! It reminded me that I haven't updated this in far too long...I'll get on that soon!!

Anonymous said...

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