Thursday, September 30, 2010

I guess this means we're adults now!

Well, my birthday week is pretty much rockin', as I let y'all know in my last post, got a little better today:


That's right! We went and closed this morning and the sellers are signing their papers as we speak. It's so crazy and doesn't feel like we really are the owners just yet...but we are! We pick up the keys later this afternoon and then my dh and I, along with my Gm, his parents and my brother and SIL, are going to see the OUR house and then to dinner to celebrate.

Another blessing and fun extra is that they sellers are leaving their really nice grill and nice dining room table. They are an older couple and they have already moved out and on and said that we could have it!

All these wonderful blessings fall on this last day of September. Why does this matter? Because I believe in God and I believe that coincidences do not happen. You see, this time last year, I got a call that would forever change my family's Gm called to say that my Gp had fallen trimming the trees. This day last year started the worst few weeks that our family has had to endure in a really long time. We watched our healthy, full of life, loved one slowly slip from this world.

I believe in my heart of hearts that my Gp is up there and praying for us, a direct contact to God! The way ALL this happened today of all days, made what was such a horrible memory into a happy one...we closed on our first home without a glitch and we know that Gp is up there smiling down on us.

Another post I'll write more about that amazing man who raised me, but for now I am off to offer up my heartfelt thanks for all the blessings that have occurred today. Like the title says, I guess now that we are officially homeowners, maybe we'll start feeling more like adults! ;)

Then again, maybe not...

I'm ok with that though!

"Perhaps they are not stars, but rather openings in heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy."

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Zero calories, walks in the park, PBRs, etc...

After I wrote my "not feeling very hopeful" post early Sunday, I'm happy to report that my day completely turned around for the better.

I was struggling with truly letting go and not hanging onto the fears and anxieties that were overwhelming me. After I wrote my post, I simply kept saying, "I offer it all up to you" over and over throughout the day. Whether I believed I was truly doing it or not, I continued to say it in hopes that I would actually let go. And things looked up. I think it was a combination of three things, 1)God hearing my prayers, 2) My husband absolutely spoiling me with his love and support and 3)The prayers from all those that have offered them up for me.

I am truly blessed.

Later Sunday, feeling a bit better, we headed to a late Mass since my husband worked the night before and needed to sleep. The first thing that I noticed going to mass was that the weather was heaven hot, humid nasty weather, but rather a cool breeze filled the air. I took one of those deep breaths in and I could smell Fall.

Oh glorious Fall!

Our Texas summers get so hot that the first sign of Fall is such a huge relief and sort of gives me this second wind.

After a beautiful Mass, my DH and I decided it was off to get chocolate dipped cones. And if you have not been educated in the rules of birthday weeks, rule #1 is that calories don't count! ;) So we took our chocolate dipped cones and headed to the beautiful park that we to visit a lot when we were growing up.

We actually would come to that park before we were ever dating in high school. We pulled up and it brought back so many memories. We would go there when we just had crushes on one another, to talk about our feelings and talk about how we really felt that God wanted us in each others' lives. Then of course we would visit the park when we were dating. It was where we spilled our hearts and souls to one another about our hopes and dreams for our future dating adventures.

The last time we were there has been years. It makes me a little sad. Did life really get that busy that we couldn't take time to walk around this park that had been the location of so many heart felt talks?! Well, maybe it had but being back there reminded us of how truly blessed we were.

We've come a long way since we first walked around that park!!

After walking around the park my brother called and ask if we would sub for an hour in front of the abo.rtion clinic for the 40 days for life. So we took the 11-12am time and simply walked in front of the clinic and prayed.

My heart broke being there though, knowing that we so badly desired to conceive and to think that people went in to that building to remove the life they had created. I just prayed that God would help the women thinking of seeking the services of Plan.ned parenthood, to know that life is truly precious.

After we got home I got an amazing PBR. What's a PBR you ask?! Well it's a term I came up with...Platonic Back Rub. My husband has a bit of trouble not getting distracted while giving me a back rub, which don't get me wrong, I LOVE that he loves me and that this is a problem! ;) It's just that there are times I just want a back rub.

I get a PBR everyday of my birthday week! Lucky me!! :)

So, Sunday ended up being so amazing and I felt beyond blessed.

Priorities were back in line and I thankfully am doing way better. The power of prayer is truly amazing.

Another really amazing miracle, my beautiful little niece was born yesterday! We got to go up to the hospital (it was my DH's sister) and hold this beautiful little 6 pound 2 oz miracle for quite awhile and it was awesome. Nothing like holding a beautiful new born to help with those priorities, also!

That's about it as of now. I know that Sunday started off rough because the thought of another year passing, without children, was so completely overwhelming because I, like so many others, didn't think that this would be. I am just trying to not let myself get overwhelmed and not let the feeling of fear take over.

"For me prayer is a surge of the heart, it is a simple look towards Heaven, it is a cry of recognition and of love, embracing both trial and joy." (St. Therese of Lisieux)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Birthday week.

It's looking like I should ovulate later this week. And yes, it is looking like around/on my birthday this will happen. Oh great. Over analyzer me and my mind that doesn't seem to shush up for a moment has already started thinking "oh my goodness, what an amazing gift, what if I DO actually ovulate, what if we do conceive?, etc...". Yeah, it's really annoying to think about. To think about how this timing would seem so "perfect" and whatnot. I am trying my best not to think about it too much though because well, pretty much every time I think about the timing being perfect, it doesn't happen.

I really wish I could just STOP thinking about it. This is, in part, one of the reasons I have been down. I can't stop thinking about how badly I desire to be a mother. How badly I want my husband to be a father because he would make an amazing one. This pain is numbing. I want to be able to offer up, completely, this pain and this heart ache I feel. It's so stinkin' hard though. And, although I'm constantly praying, "YOUR will be done, I offer you my life and trust in Your Will" over and over, the pain is still there. It feels like I am still holding on to something. I don't know how to let go though. It feels like there's a thousand bricks weighing down on my chest. Why can't I just forget about it for just a day so that I can.just.breathe? Sometimes I don't feel like I am strong enough to handle this. I guess I have to pray for more strength and courage to be able to.

I know this much though, I am not giving up. I will continue to re-offer up this struggle and pain of IF to God each and every day. I WILL continue to trust throughout the pain. I will not let worry and fear over shadow the faith and hope I feel because I know that our time will come.

So yeah, it's the start of my birthday week (yes, I am a believer in birthday WEEKS!;)) and it stinks that I am feeling rather down. Here's hoping I can truly let go and let God.

“Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever.”(L.Armstrong)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Since today starts the 40days for life event, I thought I would post a little something. If you are in this area and want to participate, check out the website for any questions you may have(

The Kick Off Rally for Fort Worth's 40 Days for Life will be Wednesday,
September 22 at 7pm in front of the Planned Parenthood on 301 South
Henderson St. Our featured speaker is Abby Johnson, former director of
the Planned Parenthood in Bryan/College Station, TX---the birthplace of
...40 Days for Life! Abby experienced a change of heart last year as she
witnessed an ultrasound-guided abortion, and then left her job! Since
then, Abby has spoken to media outlets and pro-life groups all over the country
inspiring many with her powerful story. She has given valuable insight
to the abortion industry and told her personal experience of how the
peaceful, prayerful approach of 40 Days really works! Continue to
spread the word about 40 Days for Life and please start praying now
that God will change many more hearts and save lives through your
faithful witness on the sidewalk. With God's grace and prayer, truly
anything can be accomplished!

I'm looking foward to hearing Abby talk. I remember when she had her conversion, what a powerful step for our pro-life movement. So excited to hear more and to participate this year. If you are not in this area (DFW) then check out the main web page and see what's going on in your area!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend updates

Nothing too crazy or too exciting happened this weekend. Here's a recap of all that went on:

-Missed my husband like crazy, since he works nights (Wed-Sat). I really have trouble sleeping without him. One would think that after over 2 years of this I would have learned to deal with it...not so much. So, if you are one of those woman that have the blessing of getting to have their husbands home everynight...hold them a little extra tight tonight, kiss them one more time and ask God to help you not to take those special moments for granted. I will say, it has definitely helped me to really appreciate him being home the other three nights (it's like Christmas morning!!).

-The Rangers and the Cowboys lost. Boo.

-The Aggies won. WHOOP!

-We drove southbound 35 to pick up some old baby stuff from my SIL. Their little one is going to be 3 in January and they are not having anymore (another story for another time) and so they are giving away a lot of their old baby stuff. My MIL helps women who are in crisis pregnancies and so she is going to use some of that for those moms and then she said that her and I are going to go through the stuff, since it's REALLY nice (my SIL is the type to buy a $50 pair of shoes for a 3 month old...) and pick some stuff out that my DH and I want for our future miracles. Still holding onto that hope...

-No word back from our housing situation. We should hear back today or sometimes this week. The last bit is waiting on the bank and the VA (Veteran's affairs). Closing date, if all goes as planned, is still scheduled for the 30th of this month.

-I'll be 27 on October 2nd. Crazy, not quite where I thought I would be at that point in my life but also, feeling rather fortunate for all the amazing blessings that God has given me thus far...

-Last night we watched "Did you hear about the Morgans?"...yeah, IF was mentioned in the movie in case you hadn't seen it. During a random stay, they did it (for lack of better words!) and weren't "trying" really and SHOCKINGLY, they ended up getting pregnant. Insert sarcasm here. I SO saw that coming. I told me DH that it's amazing what happens when you stop trying and just get pregnant. Then I told him we should try that, ha. Insert more sarcasm. And I KNOW that some people do get pregnant when they stop trying, but for a lot of us that have something actually causing their infertility (PCOS for example) sometimes, it's not that simple.

-This cycle I am going to try my damnedest NOT to or read into things. I want to offer it up. Really, REALLY offer it up. Last cycle was quite exhausting trying to read into everything.

I did this post in bullets because I knew that if I tried to write out an actual post it would be all over the place...doing it as bullets makes complete sense of the "random, jumping around-ness" ;)

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” (Albert Einstein)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Nothing new

It seems that CD1 has crept up on too many of us, IF girls. I so badly wanted THIS to be the month for so many of us.

God had different plans, though.

It's crazy, this cycle I have heard (via my best frenenemy forever, fb) of a few new pregnancy announcements and there also seems to be an abundance of "belly shot" pictures and nursery pictures too.

How does that even happen?! Things are pretty quiet and then CD1 is here and then there's baby stuff galore EVERYWHERE.

Maybe I'm just going to crazy.

The thing is, I totally LOVE to hear when another IF girl announces a pregnancy/adoption OR shows their beautiful belly shots OR fun nursery updates.

This I can handle.

The rest of the non-IF "civilians", well...not so much.

I'm just trying to remind myself to trust. Simply, trust. Nothing more, nothing less.

Somehow, someway, God has given me courage to keep going thus far and for that I am grateful, especially because there's been too many times than not where I have wanted to give up. The thing is though, through my prayer I have found this courage and perseverance and desire to continue to move forward.

I am hopeful.

I believe that my miracle will come...

Well, at least this is how I am feeling today. Yesterday, not so much. I thought I was ready to throw in the towel all while screaming and just being down right angry.

But today, well, the hope is back and crazy woman has left the building.

I blame hormones and how freakin' badly CD1 hurts.

Nonetheless, I am here. I am fighting. And I am hoping.

I'm still holding out that (sooner than later, please God, please) there's going to be an ABUNDANCE of pregnancy announcements to blow this beautiful IF blogger world up.

Not on FB...but in our own little world here. That would be so awesome.

Anyways, you girls have been awesome and giving me that prayers that I needed. I seriously felt them and I am so grateful for that.

Thanks for the feedback on my crafts, I do love to craft! I have thought about etsy before but was overwhelmed by the number of people on there and I felt sort of like a little fish lost in a big ol' sea of big fish! I'll possibly look into that though. I'm also thinking about giving out a few, because I think word of mouth is the best thing! Let me know if you would be interested!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

In a funk

Today wasn't that great.

I went to bed in tears and when I woke up this morning I had that short moment of not realizing anything was bothering me and then,


I remembered last night and the dreaded spotting.

And then the tears started coming back again and I remembered that I wasn't ok, I was feeling rather crummy. Going to bed sad and waking up sad don't really make for an awesome day, usually.

I so badly wanted to not let this effect me. I wanted to be strong and not be upset or down by the fact that AF was arriving. I wanted to only look on the bright side, that I was having yet another period ON MY OWN and not because I took prometrium. I wanted to remember that it was up to God and that I trusted and I was ok.

That's what I wanted, but reality set in, and as hard as I try to keep my head up, sometimes I fall. And I hurt. And I worry and the bright light I like to call hope, seems more like a dim light far away.

But I only allow this for a moment because I KNOW that without hope, without my faith I would be so completely lost and an even bigger mess than I am now! So yeah, today wasn't that great but I still have my faith and I still have my hope and that's pretty amazing if you ask me.

My DH was amazing, which is not shocking, and was such an amazing support and so full of hope and excitement at me, "starting another period on your own...this is so good!" (his words, not mine!). He really is amazing.

There's times that my heart aches for him because I so badly want to bless him with a child, I don't want my body to be broken because I know that he will be such an incredible dad.

Of course, shortly after those moments I offer up a prayer and know that God is in control and He will provide. In His timing. And it will be amazing. I don't think I could ever say this enough. And then things seem ok again after I remember this.

On a side note, my doctor's office called today and they said that my progesterone levels were too low and that I would need to start taking progesterone this new cycle. Also, they will call tomorrow about other protocol for this cycle, ie: clomid, HCG shots, etc...

Hearing all this overwhelmed me because I was so full of hope for our first TCC cycle post surgery. So full of hope and then shot down and left in a funk.

So, what do I do when I am in a funk?

I craft. It relieves so much stress for me and somehow my mind, which NEVER shuts up, is able to sort of veg out and relax. Here's some pictures of the things I created while de-stressing"

The flowers, I sewed onto a safety pin, that way you can pin them to your shirt like I did in the first two pictures, or you can pin them to a purse or bag or even use a bobby pin and add them as a hair accessory. Just something fun and pretty easy too...

I had an extra onesie so I also made this for my godson:

I do love to craft and am sure glad it doesn't cost an arm in a leg to do, other wise I would have to find a new way to get out of my funks! ;)

Also, before I go, I wanted to say yet again, THANK YOU to everyone that has offered prayers, support and kind words. I seriously don't know how I could do this without y'all. My husband is so grateful that I found such an amazing group of women because he knows that even though he's there for me always, having another woman to talk to about what I am going through helps so much. So, THANK YOU. And I know that I am not the only one in this "funk", so just know that I am thinking about y'all and praying for y'all and trusting and knowing in my heart of hearts that our miracles will come [in His perfect and holy timing].

"Keep going. Don't stop. I kept going on the road to Calvary and in spite of such agony, I got there. Look at Me and you will find new courage. And honor Me by calling Me to help you." (He and I)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

12 DPO

Tonight, like most nights when my husband works, I had trouble sleeping, so I stayed up and watched a movie. While watching, thoughts would race about the "possibility of pregnancy" and so forth. It's really hard to concentrate during this dreaded 2WW, but most of you guys already know this. Today, I had pretty much felt the same, ie: sore boobs, emotional, and cramping. Those dreaded could be this or could be that symptoms...

Well, after the movie I thought, "heck it's after midnight, so technically 13 dpo so why not test again!?". Before going, I decide that I would offer up a quick prayer because if I saw another negative I had to remember to trust. Full of hope I go and grab one of my books that I find so many great quotes from (He and I) and asked the Lord to give me some inspiration. I prayed he would lead me to the exact page and phrase that he wanted. Then I opened and read this:

"Repeat this often; 'Father, may your will be done. May Your will be done..."

My heart started racing and I knew that's what He wanted me to see.

I then skip off to POAS, ok, not really skip but I'm not going to lie, I was rather excited.

I POAS and set it aside, wanting to wait the full 2 minutes before peeking.

And as I'm finishing up and waiting, I notice something...


Yeah, my heart dropped.

I cried.

Then saw the big fat negative on my fancy shmancy dollar tree test and really started to cry.

So, AF may be making an entrance sooner than I thought. I know, "it's not over til it's over" ie, AF showing up, but I guess it's just hard to see the spotting right now because I wasn't expecting that at all.

"...Father, may Your will be done. May Your will be done..."

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

11 DPO

Before I talk about stuff with me, I have to say what EVERYONE else is surely thinking about/praying about....

OH MY GOODNESS, I am SOOOO unbelievably happy for Lauren, her DH and their new baby girl!!! If you haven't already offered up a prayer today that things continue to go smoothly, do it! :) Can't wait to see pictures of this beautiful miracle!!

Ok, now that that is out of my system... :)

As the title states, I am 11 DPO and these are my current standings or symptoms:
-Boobs have continue to stay sore
-Super emotional Example, I broke into tears after my husband said a random sarcastic remark. I was shocked that I was crying. Needless to say, so was he!
-Cramps on and off but no spotting yet.

And, not going to lie. I goo.gled 11 DPO and symptoms and I am the crazy person who saw that a small handful of people say that they tested and got a positive. So what did I do. I went and tested this morning, all the while knowing in my heart of hearts it was too early. Should have listened to my heart. It was negative.

So, I told myself that I will not test again until Friday. I will wait. I can wait.

Can I wait?

Sure hope so! Seeing a negative doesn't really do much for the soul...

Also, random note. Every morning I have woken up and the first thing I do is feel my boobs...and the rejoice when I feel that they are still a little sore! Then of course I over analyze and think..."hmm, are they sore because I am feeling them so freaking much because I am excited that they are still sore because this is new??!?!"

Ugh, my mind needs to relax....

Well, I am off to finish making dinner...yumm...TACOS!!!

“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.”

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Picture Post

Yesterday I went to my in-laws to visit with my niece and nephew. The newest little niece is due any day now so I wanted to visit with them and bring them a little something to wear at the hospital when she does make her grand entrance into this world. I went to one of my favorite stores (JoAnn's Crafts) and got the material and made these:

And since you can never just buy one onesie, I had a couple of extra ones and instead of just giving plain white ones, I made one other to give to my newest niece to be:

Also, I'm sure many know, but football season has started and I am SO proud of my Aggies! We won last week against SFA and then yesterday we won again! WHOOP! It's a great start to this season!

And continuing with the "sport" theme...I couldn't write this post without bragging talking about how exciting it was the the Rangers beat the Yankees yesterday (and the day before, what, what!!) :)

So...all in all it was a good day yesterday! Looking foward to watching the Cowboys today and hoping for a win with them also!! Oh yes, and that the Rangers can beat those Yankees AGAIN! ;) I hope that this Sunday is finding everyone in good spirits!

P.S A HUGE thanks to all who gave me some advice in my previous post! It was so helpful. I really need to just ask y'all before searching online for's way easier to ask ladies that have "been there, done that!" Thanks again!

Friday, September 10, 2010

My boobies hurt.

I am so confused with my body right now. I have Goo.gled SOO much it's ridiculous and honestly, you can find whatever you want to hear on there...

Here's what's throwing me off: my "girls" are sore. The ni.pples are and so are the outer parts. I have NEVER had this before. But then again, I was never normal before my surgery and so this may be my new "normal."

The confusing thing is that I am only 7 DPO. I have read two things: one, you could definitely be pregnant and two, this happens right before AF shows up.

I'm over analyzing this way too much, this I know for certain! So basically, I am curious about how many of you (either if you are/have been pregnant OR if you have ever had a period, yeah...that pretty much covers everyone here!) have had sore breasts around this time of your cycle.

I wasn't going to say anything because I felt that if I said something about the idea of the possibility of maybe (yeah, still not being very straight foward, am I?) just maybe this being a pregnancy sign, I would jinx myself or something silly. I am just so excited/anxious for progress, whether it be being pregnant (which is SO hard to even begin to imagine because it's been so long of trying) or that AF is coming and that my hormones are actually working right. Progress both ways. Obviously one of the two I prefer over the other but I learned a looooong time ago that it's not what I want! ;)

Please be upfront and let me know about your experience with sore boobs about a week after ovulation...

Thanks ahead of time.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Catching up and "10 Surprising Things About Me!"

It's been awhile since I've caught up...on reading and posting. I have been rather busy with 1)trying to find a job 2)dealing with all the stresses that come with looking for/buying a home 3)Etc...

-On the job front...there's no news yet. Not bummed but not excited about this either.

-On the house front...we put in an offer last week and it was accepted (shockingly! You see, it was about $10k less than asking, with them paying closing, leaving appliances etc...). We had the inspection today (it passed with flying colors!) and we are waiting on numerous other things. If all goes well we will close at the end of this month. We absolutely love this house. It's shocking that we found one in such good shape in our price range. It was a 1 owner home built in '83 and they renovated the whole inside from '00-'09. Pretty house that we are hoping to call home sooner than later! :)

-On the etc front...nothing new on the fertility front really. Just that it's been hard to separate the "omg...this seems new, this could totally be because I ovulated and we are pregnant! (ie: sore boobies, mood swings, etc..)" from the "huh, well this seems to be what "normal" people experience a week before their periods, oh period is coming." You see, since I've never been normal, it's near impossible for me to read into things about what's going on with my body because, well, I don't really have anything to compare it to!

Ok, M at Joy Beyond the Cross tagged me for the "10 surprising things about me..." thing and I decided, why the heck not?! ;) So here goes, and forgive me if there are things in here that you already know:


1) I grew up with my grandparents. I have lived with them since right before 2nd grade. Love them and can't even begin to imagine where my life would be now if it wasn't for them.

2) I am super sensitive/emotional. Movies make me cry. Commercials make me cry. Mean people can (sometimes) make me cry. A sweet message can make me cry...You get the picture!

3) I love love. Truly, I am a sap for a good love story, a beautiful wedding, family love, etc...

4) I shattered my jaw when I was 13. I was sitting criss cross in the back of a bus and when it hit some dips, up I went and when I came down my jaw slammed the seat. It shattered in two places and cracked in another. I had my mouth wired shut for quite a few weeks.

5) I love to talk. I grew up always getting in trouble for talking too much. You can imagine how hard it was to have my mouth wired shut for all that time then! ;)

6) I worry WAY too much about what others think. I think that it stems from my whole not wanting to hurt anyone or upset them. Along with the whole caring way too much about what others are thinking, I over analyze things way more than the average person. I really wish I could be a bit more care free but I haven't mastered that just yet.

The first 7 years of my life were not great. In fact, I still can't believe that they were really part of my life and not simply from a horrible movie or documentary. Those first years have caused me to have difficulty in trusting people (God bless my DH for sticking with me through some of my low "testing" moments). And really, I think that also is why I worry about others too much...

8)I am a salt/spice tooth through and through. I'll take a bowl of chips and salsa over ice cream ANY day. By the way, one of my favorite hot sauces aside from Chalula is the Peppered Garlic Tabasco...SOOO good.

9) My favorite colors are yellow and pink. My DH jokes that he's married to a 13 year old girl. I tell him, "that doesn't make me look bad...just you!" ;)

10) I am a lefty.

Okay, I know that I am suppose to tag 5 people...but I am not sure who has already participated because I'm behind on reading blogs, so I am just going to leave it up to you guys, if you want to participate..go for it!!

And that's all for now folks!

"If you only had faith you would receive in a single request what it takes you years to obtain. So believe that I am listening to you and that I always answer-in a way that you may not recognize to be the fulfillment of your prayer." (Taken from a book I love: HE AND I)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The prayers are working! ;)

I don't believe in coincidences...I believe that everything happens in God's timing and for His purpose. Sew had a post about this the other day actually and I had never heard of "God-incidence" but that pretty much describes what I feel to a tea! So in a nut-shell, I read about this "Spiritual Bouquet" and then I kid you not, an hour or so later...

I started seeing some good peak type mucus...and even more today!! YAY!! I was so worried because I had seen NOTHING and that feeling was too familiar because pre-surgery, I had never seen anything and I was worried that things hadn't changed. But like I said, I almost jumped for joy upon seeing it and then instantly thought, "oh my goodness...the spiritual bouquet is already showering blessings for people...for ME!"

How amazing.

Also, we went and put an offer in on a house and our Realtor said they are working with the seller but as of now, it's looking a kinda promising. I say kinda because I do not want to get my hopes up but I'm rather excited.

So exciting.

The power of prayer is truly amazing! I am a firm believer in the power of prayer and the miracles and blessings that come from it. This is a beautiful example of that!

Thank you ladies so much! I am still in awe that y'all took the time to do this. It means so much to me!


"Silent gratitude isn't much use to anyone." (G.B. Stern )

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I quickly skimmed my blog list moments ago, and I saw "spiritual bouquet" listed on several blog titles. I opened them and read them.

I was literally brought to tears.

So beautiful and so sweet!