Sunday, September 30, 2012

Guess we got to meet yesterday?

His name starts with an H and ends with a ilgers!!!

Dr. Hilgers! :)

My dh and I attended a prolife banquet last night and he was the guest speaker and I just knew that after it was over, I wanted to meet him.

And honestly, I was nervous and my hands were a little shaky...definitely felt like we were meeting a celebrity!

He was SO kind, funny and easy to talk to. We thanked him for all his work with PPVI and then gave him a brief rundown of where we came from and where we were, and he seemed genuinely excited for us!

I told him we were thankful and felt quite at peace being monitored by PPVI for my progesterone and that I knew that they were a big reason why we were where we are now, because our other doctor simply wanted to "just see what would happen" and didn't have a plan for my severely low progesterone.

Mentioning this, it seem to frustrate him that yet another doctor was willing to just sit by even though so much could be done.

He then asked what was my progesterone was when we got pregnant, and when I mentioned it was 6, he said, "oh my, that was low!"

Let's just say, after talking more with him about my low progesterone and where we are now, we were all in agreement that this little one is a miracle and a fighter.

It was just so amazing meeting a man who does so much good.

A man who fights for women and doesn't seek to simply mask problems.

A man who seeks to help the woman and man get as healthy as possible.

Both my husband and I are so happy we got to meet him and are feeling so blessed to get to work with such a great group of doctors.

The PPVI is amazing and I am definitely spreading the word about their good works as much as possible.

And now, I leave you with our picture that a sweet, stranger took for us:

And lastly here's a picture from the end of the night...our little one's first pro-life banquet:

If you were wondering, yes, those are our real faces...I felt it was time to just forget the whole being anonymous thing! ;)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Sprinkled with love

My SIL and brother are expecting #2, like I've mentioned before, at the beginning of November and since she had large baby showers with her first, not that long ago (little man is 18 months), she opted to not have a baby shower with this one.

But, I thought that there needs to be something though because their first was a boy and this one is a girl and well, I wanted to celebrate!!

So, I did a little research and read the cutest thing ever...a baby sprinkle!!! I had never heard of it before but it sounded perfect...not a full blown baby shower but a cute, small intimate baby sprinkle!

I called my brother and asked him what he thought about me planning something small...a little surprise.

He thought it was a great idea and that's when I got the ball rolling. I called my Gm (whose house it was at) because I knew she would love the idea!

Along with my gm, I called my other SIL, a few cousins and aunts for our baby sprinkle and told everyone to keep it quiet because it was a surprise.

I planned it for around lunch because what ladies don't love getting together for a little girly luncheon/baby sprinkle?!

I made a little banner out of doilies and stamps to be hung by the table:

And speaking of table, my Gm pulled out the pretty plates and glasses and with a white table cloth and tulle, she made it so lovely:

We had a lot of yummy food:

Yummy cake:

And I asked my SIL to coordinate some flower arrangements because flowers always make a party pretty! ;)

My gift to her dubbed as decorations also, with a clothesline with some girly onesies and modge podged letters:

For her first baby shower I had come up with the idea of having the guest sign a mat that would go in a frame to be displayed in the nursery, and this time around was no different (and her telling me she was going to go buy one so little girl could have one also had me excited to do this again):

And I had painted a little frame, last minute to display on the front table with more of the beautiful flowers:

All in was a success and I was soooo happy that she had no idea! It was actually her first ever surprise party and that made me even more excited that we were able to pull it off!

And before all was said and done, I asked my cousin to take our picture so that we could have a picture pregnant and then later with the babies (I can't believe I'm even typing this!!!) because we are both having girls and they will surely be BFF-she was 33 weeks and I was 19 weeks:

Taking those pictures and talking about our girls sort of felt like an out of body experience, to be honest and I'm sure there will be many more of those moments to come...

Like my showers that family members are coordinating, one in November and one in December.

Oh my...MY showers. Now, I cannot believe I'm typing that out!!!

"Sprinkled with love..."

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

20 weeks.

How the heck did this happen?

Half way?!

How is it that in the 4.5-5 years of waiting there were days, weeks, years that seemed to drag on and we are half way to meeting this precious miracle that we've waited so long for.

I'm simply in awe.

And the highlight thus far, feeling her wiggles and kicks. She actually kicked and had me jump last night!

Thank you Jesus for this precious gift. I pray that not a single day passes that I don't stop and thank you for her. Thank you Lord, I feel so overwhelmed by it all, but so grateful also.

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Will y'all say a prayer?

I have a friend IRL that had her first ultrasound today for baby #2.

She doesn't know the pains of IF nor does she know the pain of miscarriage and loss.

But it seems today she now does.

They couldn't find anything in the yolk baby, no fluttering heart.

Of course this is hard for them.

Yesterday, they were excited about their sono just like they had been with their first little one-no reason to feel any differently.

Now their hearts are breaking and that heaviness that we, those a part of this amazing IF community, know oh so well, has filled her heart.

IF is hard.
Miscarriage and loss is hard.

And for someone who has never known either, it's not a fun club to be a part of.

She sounded trusting of the Lord and has a lot of faith, but it's going to be hard, so if y'all could please offer up a prayer for my sweet friend, B, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advanced!
Y'all are the best!

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thursday top threes...

3) PPVI called today and I can lower my injections...yay!!!! I was shocked to hear this! I just assumed that I would be adding more throughout this pregnancy if anything but this is awesome news!

2) In a couple hours I'm heading to my 3rd blogger meet up with this pretty lady!!! I'll def blog about it later and also catch up from my last meet up a couple months ago with this super sweet lady! I do love me a good blogger meet up but it seems not many venture down to Texas...although two in a couple months is definitely awesome!!

1) I'm 19 weeks and can officially say that I can feel this sweet little girl wiggling around!!! Before I was torn between gas bubbles or actual baby (although it was probably her looking back), but now there's no question about it! And it's so unbelievably incredible!!!! So.very.blessed.

(one of my many pins from pinterest) y'all think I used enough !!!'s in this post?! Goodness...never!!! ;)

Monday, September 10, 2012

She will never know what that feels like...

Today, while I was napping, my dh came in and asked if I wanted to be up by a certain time, since we had things to do. I said, "30 more mins..." and then he sweetly tucked me back in, kissed me and walked out.

At that exact moment my mind raced back to me being a child. I've mentioned a few times on here about how we weren't raised by our parents because of a lot of unimaginable things that would occur.

Some things that I still think about to this day, although I'm definitely in a good place of healing.

There are things were pretty awful and others were smaller things, although still having a huge impact on me.

I've said it before, I have always wanted to be a mom...and especially be the mom I never had.

And now that I know we're having a daughter my mind races in excitement that this little one will always, always know she's loved by her mama and dad.

Going back to earlier today, right after my dh tucked me in it had me thinking back to being a little 3-4 year old. I always yearned for affection and love from my parents, even through abuse and neglect.

And something so simple i desired with my whole heart was to be tucked in.

I can distinctly remember on numerous occasions crying myself to sleep because all I wanted was to be tucked in and my parents wouldn't.

Then fast forward to the summer before second grade and the best thing that could have ever happen to us, grandparents took us in.

I knew that each night before they went to bed my Gm would come up and check on all of us. I would purposely, no matter how cold I was or tired i was, make sure to not have my covers on and I would also pretend to be asleep because i knew my Gm would, without fail, come in and tuck me in.

I felt so loved in those precious moments, that probably were simple to my Gm.

And I love knowing that our daughter will never know what it feels like to just want to be loved, to yearn for affection or have to fight for it.

Yes, my childhood, in those early years was rough, and we went through things that most children never even know about, but the beauty in all this is that my daughter will never experience any of that.

And something as simple as being tucked in will be something that just happens for her and she will not know what it feels like to fall asleep feeling unloved or unwanted.

That's one thing I can guarantee...hugs, kisses, lots of love and snuggly tuck-ins at night.

And how my heart fills with utter joy thinking about tucking her in.

Sweet little one, we love you so much...

"Always kiss your children goodnight - even if they're already asleep." [H. Jackson Brown, Jr.]

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturday picture awesomeness

Fall...I can feel're so close!!!

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Did y'all know?

Did y'all know that after DD comes E, then F?!

Well...somehow, my already not small "girls" have gone from DD to F, almost H.

And I'm only 18 weeks!

I may or may not have teared up (hello hormones!!!) when I was getting sized....I didn't think that would happen!


And the fun part, apparently I'm going to have to special order online because they don't have that size in stores!

Any fun advice regarding how to handle these two basketballs on my chest?! ;)

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Crockpot meals

I don't cook with my crockpot that often, and really, there's no's so easy and usually the stuff turns out delicious!

Tomorrow I'm making this-which my SIL made a couple weeks ago and it was amazing!!!

Anyways, I really want to try some new crockpot recipes, so I'm asking y'all! Have y'all made anything in the crockpot that was amazing?!

If so, please share! I'm on the hunt for some new recipes!

Happy labor day y'all! Hope it's a good one! :)

[Found this quote on pinterest and will definitely be crafting it into something for the dinning room]