Thursday, January 16, 2014

Nearly 60 cycles to conceive our first and now...

...only 2 cycles postpartum and we got a big surprise on January 3rd.


Yes, that's right, I was only on my second cycle since I had F and was most definitely not expecting it.

The thing that's crazy is that I don't know how many people would ask us when we were going to try again or if we were going to do anything to prevent. I would always try not to roll my eyes and simply state that since it took nearly 5 years with F we would always be open because 1)we weren't sure how long it would/could take and 2)we weren't sure if we could ever get pregnant again.

But somehow here we are again.
I feel so humbled and tremendously grateful that we are entrusted another precious soul.

My heart is racing with excitement simply by typing this out....

Back to when we found out: after I got the BFP I rushed to my ob and had blood drawn right away (4.4 weeks) and anxiously awaited the results over the weekend. Part of me thought that since it was "easier" to get pregnant this time that surely my body had a good idea of what it was doing and surely my progesterone wouldn't be crummy like with F (6.2).

Monday rolled around and I got my results...hcg:450 and prog:9.34. So my whole thought that my body would work a little better this time around, in regards to progesterone, not so much. My current doctor is amazing and I love her, however, she only does oral progesterone support and I don't tend to respond to that. She did however encourage me to, "work with the other doctor that gave me the injections last time." So as much as it sucked that she doesn't do the PIO injections, I guess I'm grateful she at least supports me working with another doctor. My prayers is that one day all doctors will understand the importance of proper progesterone support throughout pregnancy.

I contacted PPVI and updated my info and as of last Friday have been taking the PIO injections twice a week along with progesterone pills (oral and suppository). I still haven't gotten a second draw because (the lab I worked with in the past that allows me to ship) the doctor was away on vacation. Hoping for that to happen next week.

And I suppose that brings us to today. Our first appointment. I felt so calm and at peace about everything, yet mixed with moments of panic and shock that we were back on this adventure yet again.

We had our first ultrasound and we saw, and fell in love with, the tiniest little heartbeat (6.3weeks) and thankfully measured perfectly. On our way home I captured this photo of little miss holding our first of official photo of Baby H#2:

It definitely doesn't feel real (despite seeing the heartbeat, feeling nauseous most the day and extreme tiredness!!) and most likely won't for a long time.

I debated even blogging about this because I know so many beautiful women are still in the middle of their own IF journeys and I remember how painful it was to hear about announcements but...after praying about it I realized I wanted to share because my hope is that it gives another gal out there with PCOS hope that it helps a women struggling with low progesterone realize that there is hope. I remember feeling so lost and hopeless at times when I would get my progesterone checked, while taking medicine, and hear that, "it's too low, there's no way you could have ovulated." My body simply doesn't make progesterone but somehow by the grace of God I've conceived not once...but now twice.

Like I said before I feel so humbled to be here again. My husband feels the same. We were/are still beautifully and wonderfully shocked.

I'd appreciate any prayers for this little one...who's due date is 9/8/14 (the Blessed Mother's birthday, so beautiful!). And please know that y'all are in my prayers constantly as well.

"She holds onto hope and He is forever faithful." [1Corinthians 1:9]