Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I would discover pretzel m&ms...

...the night before I start watc.hers!!!

Oh me oh my.

Ps...I promise I'll be back to my regularly scheduled blogging soon! 

P.s.s the commercials for those pretzel m&ms disturb me a bit..anyone else?

P.s.s.s yay for prayer buddies!!

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Even though my heart yearns and aches to be a mommy...

...I will not let that get in the way of why today is important.

Today is a day to give THANKS.

A day to remember all the BLESSINGS.

A day to not forget all the WONDERFUL things that are here and now.

I will not let the pain, hurt and aching I feel inside cloud my heart and mind of seeing the BEAUTY that is in my life right now...

My faith.
My husband.
My family.
My friends.
Our health.
Our home.
Blogger buddies.
Sweet cuddles with nieces/nephews.
And SO much more...

And even though today my heart still aches to be a mommy and have a sweet little one to call my own...I will NOT let that get in the way of all that I am thankful for.

My blessings.

If you stop and truly look at the blessings in your life you will most likely be blown away...because God is that good.

So on this Thanksgiving day...let's THANK GOD for all the beautiful blessings that we have now.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Today I learned the best position for TTC...

Yup, that's right folks...I learned the best position for making those babies.

From my 90 year old neighbor!!!

I kid you not!

Here's what happened:

This afternoon the doorbell rang and I got up and saw that it was our sweet, little old neighbor. I opened the door and invited her in.

She was so eager to talk to me that she stopped right then in there in the entryway and began to talk.

She said, "So, do y'all have that baby yet?"

I was taken aback and told her no, thinking that maybe she had us confused with our other neighbors who did indeed just have a baby.

She then says, "Well, I know how badly y'all want a baby and that y'all are trying hard. I would like to share with you something that I just know will work for you guys. I've been meaning to tell y'all for weeks actually."

About this time I'm standing there thinking how odd that she's coming to give us advice but thought that maybe my dh had opened up to her about our struggles and just didn't mention it to me...

She goes on to say, "When I was first married, that first year I wanted a baby but there was no baby. I was worried but then...well, then one I got on the be.d on all fo.urs and my dear husband me from beh.ind. We got pregnant that very night."


I am now officially dying inside trying my very best not to crack up laughing and trying my best to tell my face not to show shock or to show too many shades of red.

And then she told me that she just knows it will work for us and that we need to do that and then she left.

And I locked the door...watched her walk away very slowly (in her black fuzzy house slippers) from the peep hole.

Once I saw she was out of sight I BURST into laughter!

I went to find my husband and I asked him what he told our sweet, little, old neighbor about our struggles with trying to conceive.

He looked at me confused and said that he hadn't told her anything.

Then I burst into laughter as I attempted to relive what just happened.

He then burst into laughter and we both looked at each other a bit confused.

Oh my...good times.

Apparently our neighbor has some sort of TTC esp or something because we just moved in to our house a year ago and we have never mentioned it to her before yet, she had been dying to tell us her "little secret" for awhile now.

My cheeks still hurt from laughing.

So yeah, either she really does have TTC esp or I am not doing a good job of "hiding" our struggles with strangers.

By the way, I'm pretty sure I'm still blushing.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I am helping to put together my in-laws' 40th anniversary and we have most everything set (Mass, invitations, food, music, etc...).

The thing I need advice for is fun ways to display photos of the beautiful couple! I have seen many fun things on pinterest but am still a little unsure as to what I want to do. I'm in charge of decorations and so far, for the table decorations I'm thinking I want to display pictures of them throughout the years somehow.

The rehersal is being held at a cute little German restaurant and so the setting there is already way cute, however, I want to add personal details with the decorations (hence the photos)...or decorations in general!

So, any ideas or fun things y'all have seen?!

Let me know!

Thanks in advanced! :) in the world am I suppose to know when a blogger, that has gone to the private setting, has posted when it doesn't show up in my blog roll?!

Monday, November 14, 2011

This + this + this = awesomeness

I heart Pho.
Don't you know?
If we're friends on fb, then you might...
Oh boy oh boy that first bite!

Okay, so maybe writing poems isn't my thing! ;)

But seriously, this,springrolls with peanut dipping sauce:

Plus this, the actual yummy Pho:

Topped off with the boba tea:

Is pretty awesome! :) If you haven't tried it should. And if you are ever in TX and near me and want to get some...well, I am SO down!

Anyways, I don't really have much else to say today aside from the fact that I'm still torn between seeking fertility treatment in Austin OR Omaha. Guess I need to keep doing research, asking advice and praying. I just don't want too much time to past because we have already been taking a "break" since August.

Prayers are greatly accepted.

This little heart of mine is rather heavy with decisions and choices and the not knowing...

Oh yes, and before I forget...the verdict for my new hairstyle is that I will not be getting a new one just yet...maybe just a few inches off but nothing too crazy like red or bangs or short. Thanks for the advice!

Wow...random post much? I should have just made this one a "quick-takes" one because well, the pho+talking about where to seek fertility treatment+hairstyles=all over the place.

Eek. to think about that pho'bulous meal I just had! ;)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day

Today, don't forget to remember all those that have served and are serving.

I am especially remembering my husband, 2 brothers, 2 BILs and my cousin.

There's so many more I could name-which makes me oh so proud-but I'll stop with those to make this post short, sweet and to the point...


"We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude." -Cynthia Ozick

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

This past weekend into this week...

I haven't posted, although I have wanted to.

The reason why I haven't?

Well...let's just say the end of last week and the beginning of this week have been filled with:

-LOTS of Facebook preggo announcements..
-Some friends saying, "So, when are y'all going to have kids?"
-Family members asking, "So, when are y'all going to have kids?"
-Talking with family and in-laws and friends as they discuss when when they "plan" on having their (2nd,3rd,4th) next little one.
-Getting discouraged because they can "plan" and we cannot.
-Having emotional days feeling far from God.
-Questioning where we should go next in this journey...still feeling like we need to pursue an actual fertility specialist (Austin? Omaha?)...
-Having a few not so fun family arguments in the midst of feeling down but having to "suck it up" because I'm still pretending to be ok.
-Realizing that we are closely coming up on 4 years of trying (with doctors) to conceive...

So, needless to say, if I would have blogged from last week and every day til now it would have been a lot of downer posts and well instead of that...I took the time to step back (well, sortakindaIdidjustmentionalotofwhatwasbringingmedown...cutmesomeslack,thisisstillmy blog,right?!) and pray about it and try and listen to what God was telling me.

And here's what I got so far...

-Give up FB if it gives you that much heart ache.
-If I'm not comfortable with opening up to family or friends about our trials and sufferings to having children...well, then just say, "we are trying..." and move on.
-Smile and say a prayer that when they actually do plan on "trying" that they don't have to suffer from any cross of IF because it hurts so very badly.
-Say the simple prayer of, "God I feel so far from you...please help me to draw closer to you."
-Leaning towards Austin because 1)It's closer to us and 2)We have family down there and 3)I know a pretty awesome blogger who would help me out!
-Realizing that sometimes I am deep into my "IF funk" and most things hurt more than others because well, I'm "deep into my IF funk"...which means, offering it up and realizing that there are simply some times where I am a little more fragile.
-Thanking God that I did not/do not know how long it will take for our family to grow. And knowing that I am BEYOND blessed to have the amazing man by my side supporting, encouraging and loving me during this crazy roller coaster ride...

So, tonight I am offering up all of the pain I have felt the past few days AND all the joy and laughter too...

Thursday, November 3, 2011

A hairy situation

Ok, so not really a "hairy situation" or whatever that phrase is suppose to mean...I just thought it was a clever title for this post-because I'm talking about my hair.


Oh well...I tried! ;)

Anyways, I am so bored with my hair. It's just long and light blonde- thank you Nutr.isse for helping me keep it a prettier blonde than "dishwasher blonde" or "ash blonde" as different hair stylist have said about my natural "blah" color.

I was thinking I could either put some low lights in, with the help of professionals, since it's getting colder and whatnot.

Or maybe just add layers?

But I can't add too many layers because my hair is pretty straight and slick and if I don't do it then you can tell there's layers.

I would love to add some sort of red but I don't think that would work because I blush quite easily, like when someone calls me out for something, or I am laughing, or I am crying, or I am breathing...and well, would the red just accentuate that blushing even more?! Probably so.

And no more bangs. I tried that last January and regretted them almost immediately. Like I said, I have straight, smooth hair and so the bangs just fell in my face and wouldn't stay to the side.

So, what do y'all think I should do? I am just getting bored with it and I am debating cutting it shoulder length or so but then I remember this (taken from pin.terest):

...which has been EXACTLY how I have thought every.single.time I have chopped off my long locks.

So maybe not chop it off?

Or maybe yes?


Anyways, here's what my hair looks like now:

(I just noticed the pink sweater, pink blow dryer, pink brush?! Wow, I really am a 13 year old...) ;)

I am most definitely open to suggestions!

Also, this is random...but still in line with the whole "hair" topic...a couple weeks ago I was at and I found some sponge rollers (hello elementary school!!) and bought them and slept in them. This was the before and after:

I wasn't going anywhere special with those curls... I was just curious as to what they would look like many years past those elementary days of white keds, colorful socks rolled down, big fluffy bangs, holiday earrings, scrunchies, etc...


I had it in a pony tail before I was even dressed for the day! Not so sure how I feel about those crazy curls!

Anyways, this is a completely random post but I'm hoping for some advice on my hair...and y'all give out pretty good advice so I thought I would start with y'all! ;)

"When I was little, I would put my face close to the fan to hear my robot voice" (Taken from (total shocker here) Pin.terest)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Taking hope whenever I can.

Tonight, at Mass, I had the honor of holding my sweet little nephew.

He's 5.

He literally fell asleep standing up.

I was impressed! ;)

Since I couldn't stand and hold him for too long, I sat during the second part of Mass.

And my heart swelled with love for this little man.

Then my heart starting feeling extremely hopeful that one day, I would be doing this with one of my own.

And well, that hope that I felt swelling my my heart/soul/being...well, I will take that hope whenever/wherever I can get it.

I cling to that hope.

I am grateful for that hope.

(Found on pi.nterest)