Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rainy day...

It's a rainy day.
It's dreary.
I think that the weather knew that AF would come today and so it thought "time to get dreary and rainy to mimic how she's going to feel!"
Good grief!

Ok, so a lot has happen since last time I posted. I know, I's been almost a year so obviously a lot has happened! But I go:

Well, since last time I posted I have been going into my doctor's office monthly (sometimes more) in hopes that the medicine (Clomid, Fermera, etc...) has helped to stimulate these ovaries of mine! Hoping and praying with each sonogram that they will find a least one matured follicle. Well, each appointment followed with nothing growth...nothing even bigger than the rest to be able to measure.

However, much to our surprise last appointment a couple weeks ago there were a couple follicles that had actually matured! We were shocked and in disbelief and in total awe! Tears filled my eyes and you would think that I had found out I was pregnant because I was SO excited. Well, we took the honker of a shot, HCG, and went home and did our part! ;) The doctor was so excited that there was some progress and then informed us of when we should test. I was so joyful at this point. In the entire 2.5 years that we have been married we have never been in a position where it was even a possibility of being pregnant and getting to test. This was a first and it felt amazing.

Fast forward to today. Like I mentioned earlier, AF came today. Wahoo. I had prayed and felt so at peace with how everything was happening and thought surely this was our month. I guess God has different plans. I am not going to lie, I cried this morning when I discovered my friend had arrived. I was hurt and sad and so many other emotions all rolled into one. Then I reminded myself that HIS timing is far more perfect than anything I could picture in my mind. Yes, I had thought this month was the perfect month. I dreamed and imagined how this couldn't be any more of a perfect time for us. Boy was I wrong. But I know that HE has grand plans for us and I will continue to offer this up.

The positive is that we will do the exact same days and amounts of medicine as last month since it worked. So, that in itself brings about a lot more hope that any other month. Here's praying that those follicles get bigger and we are able to "try" again.

In none fertility news, things have been great since I quit my job. I haven't been stressed or down because of my crazy boss. I have been able to do fun projects (like the fun new wall art about our bed; I'll post pictures later), cook dinner for my amazing husband who, because of his hard work and support, makes it possible for me to stay at home right now, and have way more family time.

Well, I guess that's it for now. I'm excited about entering the blogging world!