Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I've been a stalker...

A bad one at that! I literally wake up and grab my and check blog updates on people that I am good friends with, sorta good friends with and people that I have never met! I love the blog world!

I will say, the amazing Catholic woman that I have found completely out of the blue awhile back, have been such an inspiration to me. It's just such a relief to be able to "hear" these women speak about their struggles with conception and how it does affect your everyday life so much more than you could ever even try to explain to other people who don't get it.

Well, I guess a fertility update for now:
Nothing has happened since January except that we were referred to a new doctor who's main purpose is treating woman with infertility issues...and guess what?! SHE'S CATHOLIC...PRO-LIFE...and not afraid to tell you that PRAYER daily is a necessity in this journey! We met with her at the end of February and are in the works of scheduling the ovarian drilling surgery at some point since the meds don't really work. I have been off of pretty much everything for a couple of months (no femera, HCG shots, metformin, etc...) and the biggest change I've noticed is that since not being on the femera, I actually get cold when a normal person gets cold! ;) I had the worst hot flashes EVER. Funny story, one night last month I rolled over in bed and put my feet on my husbands feet and he was like "what the heck is that?!" He hadn't felt my cold feet in forever because well, I had been on the meds since a few months after we got married! So for now we are just waiting and praying and seeing where God leads us...
I realize that in all my (2..oh wait, now 3!!) posts I haven't given any sort of background on me or my DH...that will come soon because I really want to continue to blog, I think it can be good for me and help me to feel more connected and not quite so alone (because like a lot of you, everyone around me is pregnant it seems).

Signing off for now...

"The greater the fight, the greater the victory"