Thursday, July 11, 2013

The lucky one.

I posted about this yesterday on my FB but it's too crazy not to post here also!

Yesterday, before heading out to run errands, I couldn't find our main keys (the ones with EVERY important key!) and since it was inching closer to little ones bedtime, I grabbed the spares and off I went to run my errands.

After getting to the first stop, I went to the trunk to get the baby carrier and low and behold, this is what I see...

I couldn't believe it! It wasn't like I went right down the street-there were definite turns, especially the sharp left that happened (while speeding up to catch the light) that surely would have those keys flying!

I definitely felt like a lucky one yesterday.

Now...maybe I should go and buy a lottery ticket...if I win I'll split the pot! ;)


Catholic Mutt said...

That is absolutely crazy! You are lucky!

Kat said...

Your guardian angel must have been working hard to keep those keys on the car ;)

Faith makes things possible said...

Kat: I think about guardian angel sitting on the keys to keep them from flying off! ;)