Thursday, July 7, 2011

Break time

I recently deleted my facebook app-which is the only way I check fb since ww don't have home internet at this time.

There were just too many preggo announcements/baby updates/cute preggo belly pictures.

It's been almost a week and this little break has been just what I needed.

I've also sort of taken a step back in blogging. I've started a few posts in the past few days but then deleted them.

The whole stepping back-if even for a moment-from blogging has to do with a few things:
-NOT because of any pregnancy announcements or baby talk...quite contrary, I find lots of hope in those!
-I've sorta felt at a stand still in regards to my IF...just waiting to find a new RE in hopes if making our dreams a reality.
-I've read a few blogs recently where people have sort of mocked other bloggers for talking about trusting in God's timing and hoping and whatnot. It's shocking to me-and I most certainly don't want to ever become bitter like that so I'm going to cling to my hope thank you very much.
-And similarly to the above, I've also read comments/blogs where people mock people for talking about their miracles..oh you know the ones they waited for and prayed for. I think that no one should ever feel bad about taking about their pregnancy/babies...never ever!!

I guess it just left a bad taste in my mouth for blogging-really I was just shocked like I mentioned because so far, for me the blogging world has been a place for comfort and support-not bitterness and judging.

Anyways, I really hope that I can jump back into blogging/commenting because I miss it when I'm gone-it's just that I guess I needed to step back, take a deep breath and relax.

Much like life-sometimes you just need to step back and breathe and relax. ;)

And once again THANK YOU SO MUCH for the encouraging comments last post-I'm in awe at the support and encouragement I receive here, sometimes I don't feel worthy.

Just know I'm praying for y'all each day-sometimes by name (real and blogger name!) and hoping that good things are happening for each and everyone of y'all.

"Sometimes we expect more much from others because we would be willing to do that much for them.

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Isaiah 55:8-9 said...

I hear what you're saying... if some IF bloggers are able to conceive, then it gives me hope! I am really happy for them. In fact, it's sometimes easier for me to be happier for them than those who who don't have to "work" so hard. Life is a miracle. God blesses couples in many ways, and it's not always with children.

Isaiah 55:8-9 said...

Oops - I hit publish before I wrote that I'm praying for you!! :)

More Than Anything said...

I am with you completely on some of the blog posts and comments. All I could think when reading them was "I hope I'm not like that". I love babies whether or not they are mine, and NO ONE should ever have to feel guilty about their little miracles.

I hope you find a great new RE and get the ball rolling again. Waiting is the worst part, whether its a 2ww, bloodwork, doctors, etc.

Praying for you!

Joy Beyond the Cross said...

My favorite line: "I'm going to cling to my hope thank you very much." Love it!!! Cling to that hope girl!!! I am praying for you too and I will miss you while you are gone, but I know it is for a good reason. God Bless! ;)

CM said...

Although I was not talking about IF, I recently wrote a post such as what you are talking about. I don't know if you've ever even read my blog, so I'm not saying you were talking about that. I just want to say, that I hope that whatever posts you were talking about were in a similar situation as I was; not totally disbelieving of hope, God's promise, or God's timing, and especially not meaning to mock anyone, but rather trying to find the way back to that hope and trust.

Your hope is beautiful, and I'm glad that you're doing what you need to guard it. I will be praying for you!

St. Rita's Roses said...

Love this post! And I love your hope! God bless you and I am praying for you in a special way. I totally agree w/you on some recent bitter posts. The way I look at it, we are all in a different spot in our spiritual journey. Some rejoice in others blessings, others cut off. I would always rejoice and make a point to plug each preggo announcement on my blog. I think it sends ya positive energy! Will miss ya while ur away.

Grace in my Heart said...

I've read a few posts like you mentioned and it saddens me too. I am nothing but extremely happy for fellow infertile blogger girls who go on to the conceive/adopt. Maybe everyone is just on their period right now? haha.... :) I'm still praying for you!

Patiently Waiting...... said...

I love your positive energy! Enjoy your blog break.

Made For Another World said...

Glad you are taking time for yourself. Please kow you are in my prayers and I'll miss your posts!!

Hebrews 11:1 said...

I'm sorry if mine was the post you are referring to, I certainly didn't mean it in a spirit of mocking anyone, and I didn't mean anyone should feel bad for being pregnant or having kids. I tried to clarify that in my last post.

If it came across as judgmental I apologize, that was not my intent.

Faith makes things possible said...

CM-not you! Losing hope and trying to find it is one thing, something we all know all to well. If you were to have read some things I read there's no question about what I was talking about! Praying for you!!

GIMH-HAHAHA!! yes, everyone must be on their periods or something!! Lol!!

Hebrews-NO I wasn't refering to you! I'm not talking about people talking about things being hard or losing their own hope or whatnot, I'm talking about people who mock and speak poorly of those that say things like trusting in God's timing and hoping against all were most def NOT who I was talkig about!! Praying for you!!

EVERYONE ELSE-y'all rock! Thanks for the prayers!! Y'all are most definitely in my prayers also.

JellyBelly said...

Taking a break is so important for self-preservation! During Lent I was so happy to be away from FB and all of the pg announcements and baby pictures. I've gone as far as blocking updates from some friends that go overboard with the baby-related sharing.

I continue to pray for you every day, my sweet friend!

Leila @ Little Catholic Bubble said...

I will miss you, sweetie! Come back when you can, but I totally get the need for a break.

mrsblondies said...

I hope your break gives you some peace. I'll miss all your craftiness! I hope you share some when you get back.

Mary said...

I'll miss you too!!!!! Never ever stop clinging to that hope! Sending big hugs and prayers!!!