Thursday, January 24, 2013

Men surrounded by pink

This afternoon, my husband got a text from one of his coworkers asking if I could be up at the sector tonight at 6:00. He said that they had a little cake reception they wanted to throw for us and our sweet little one.

I almost cried thinking about how sweet a gesture this was. My dh had no clue they had this planned!

When I got there I definitely stood out like a sore thumb for a few reasons:
-I was the only pregnant one.
-I was wearing pink.
-My long blonde hair was curled nicely.
-Oh, and aside from his sergeant, the only others in attendance, his coworkers, were big, muscular men...all in their gang uniform!

It was quite the site really!

I sat in a sea of men wearing their black "gang unit" shirts as we ate delicious appetizers, with pretty pink plates and napkins!

It was funny actually, that were all trying to be quite the gentlemen and I didn't even realize how much they were "on their best behavior" until a couple slip ups. Like when someone was telling a story and said something about Something "being quite thick" and another officer replied, "that's what she said!!" And laughed and then quickly glanced over and said, "oops, I apologize!" Or when someone else said "sh*t!!" at one point and then said, "Sorry ma'am!" just as quickly!

Each time there was a "slip" I would just laugh because hello, I grew up with brothers and the "that's what she said" jokes and seeing as my dh was in the Marines and now a police officer (as are many of our  family and friends!), I've heard a curse word here and there...but still, I was quite flattered that they tried so hard! ;)

They all pitched in and gave us a generous gift card to Target (oh how I love me some target!!!) and we munched on yummy cake as I sat back and laughed and listened to all their crazy stories on the job.

The neat thing about all this was that not an hour before his buddy texted him about me meeting there tonight, my dh and I were discussing how much of a blessing it is where he works. He has great coworkers that have his back no matter what, an amazing sergeant, and a job where overall is happy and loves what he does.

Him loving his job and happy with what he does=a happier home life indeed!

Sure, there are more times than not that I lay awake at night praying and asking for protection of my dh and sure, I have to trick myself into thinking he's sitting at a desk all night instead of issuing warrants or pursuing some dangerous people, BUT he's good at what he does and he's happy, so I'm happy.

All in all tonight was unexpected and quite awesome! There was ton of laughter, good food and I was able to walk away feeling even better knowing these men see each other more than just coworkers, they're a tight knit bunch!

What a blessing those crazy, foul mouthed men are! ;)

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Kat said...

That would have been a sight to see, all those men eating off of pink plates! How sweet of them all! My DH works as an electrician, so he works in a very masculine environment too. It is always so interesting to hear his daily work stories, he conveniently leaves out the bad jokes and foul language of course ;)

Anonymous said...

THAT is an awesome story. Thanks for sharing!

DM + AM said...

Beautiful moments to treasure! Happy for you!

Thankful said...

So awesome! I have been reading and not commenting - you are almost there!!!!

Hope with Endo said...

That's so sweet! Surprises are always so wonderful, and it was so thoughtful of them to surround themselves in pink :)

I've been going through and reading your blog; it brings me so much peace. I recently found out I am expecting and also have low progesterone, so reading about your journey has been such a blessing. Thank you for sharing!!

Ania said...

How sweet! Not long now Momma! I can't wait for you to meet her. The love truly is amazingly indescribable!

Sarah said...

Lol, I think this is one of the best shower stories I've ever read. What an awesome job your Dh has!

allyouwhohope said...

Aw! That is so cute!

Grace in my Heart said...

Precious! :)

Catholic Mutt said...

I agree with Sarah; that has to be the best shower story ever! I'm so glad your husband gets to work with such a great group of people!

All in His Perfect Timing said...

I love the men amongst all the pink! <3

Rebecca said...

I agree with Sarah and Catholic Mutt - best shower story ever! The Man works in a great place too, and it really does make all the difference.

Donna said...

What great guys your hubby works with!

Faith makes things possible said...

Hope with endo: don't be discouraged by low progesterone...especially if you are closely monitored! I'm proof that miracles can happen with super low progesterone! :) Praying for you!