Sunday, February 26, 2012

My last few days... pictures!
Not going to say who ;) I got this awesome score against...but it was my highest I've ever gotten and so I just had to post:

I got teased quite a bit for wearing this shirt...think highlighter yellow!! Everytime i would walk into a room, people were like, "wow-there you are!" There are tons of bright colors at Tar.get and I just love the brightness-which the picture doesn't quite capture (ignore my awkward pose, sometimes I'm just awkward I guess):

I got to spend time with my nose running, slobber lips, fast crawling, smiley, sweet nephew (who will be a year next month!!):

I'm trying to start this book but am not very motivated. Anybody read this series yet?

Found this tank top (which I'll layer) for $6 at forever 21. I love lace and am trying to be more brave and just wear it:

We discovered a new ice cream place. Lots of flavors of fresh baked cookies+ lots of yummy ice cream=sooooo delicious.

My sweet man took me to see this tonight, and I only cried a few times:

Then walking out, I saw this and got SOOOOO excited!!! I'm so obsessed with this series and can.not.wait til the movie comes out:

That's all folks.

"Today is life - the only life you are sure of. Make the most of today." [Dale Carnegie]


Jenny said...

You are the scramble champ!!! :)

JellyBelly said...

You are going to love the Millenium series! It's very dark, but once the first book gets going you'll want to read the others right away.

God Alone Suffices said...

I bought the same tank top in blue this weekend! Love lace!

Hebrews 11:1 said...

Haven't read that series yet, but DH read them and liked them. Hunger Games movie in less than a month!!!!!!!!!!

Megan said...

I'm rocking a highlighter yellow shirt today at work to brighten up the fact that it is Monday. The Hunger Games is on my list to read but who knows when I will get to it. Ohhhh Channing Tatum....

one joyful day said...

Scramble--holy cow, awesome!

Cookies and ice cream--my sweet tooth is quite sad I missed out ;)

The Vow--how nice of him! Now I need dh to take me!


Mary said...

I want to do/have all of that that you just posted about. haha!

And sure, you'll layer that tank top over a hot pink bra. I know you. hahaha.

AND, email me your username so I can play you on scramble!!!! and words with friends if you play that! :)

Ania said...

I heart Forever 21 and lace! I haven't read the Dragon Tat series. I've heard they're good but have a lot of characters to follow. I've heard good things about the Hunger Games. I really should be better about reading but only manage to devour books when on vacation.

Julie said...

You live an exciting life!

Little JoAnn said...

I second Julie's comment. What a fun life. Good for you!!!

Faith makes things possible said...

Thanks for the comments girls! I'm just thankful I'm feeling better and not so down like I was these last few weeks! That's why it looks like my life seems exciting...I'm just feeling a lot happier!

And MARY...I would SO wear my pink bra with my new top (oh how you know me so well!) but I can't seem to find it! ;)

Mary said...

oh well darn it all! where could it be?! Probably somewhere scandalous!