Sunday, September 30, 2012

Guess we got to meet yesterday?

His name starts with an H and ends with a ilgers!!!

Dr. Hilgers! :)

My dh and I attended a prolife banquet last night and he was the guest speaker and I just knew that after it was over, I wanted to meet him.

And honestly, I was nervous and my hands were a little shaky...definitely felt like we were meeting a celebrity!

He was SO kind, funny and easy to talk to. We thanked him for all his work with PPVI and then gave him a brief rundown of where we came from and where we were, and he seemed genuinely excited for us!

I told him we were thankful and felt quite at peace being monitored by PPVI for my progesterone and that I knew that they were a big reason why we were where we are now, because our other doctor simply wanted to "just see what would happen" and didn't have a plan for my severely low progesterone.

Mentioning this, it seem to frustrate him that yet another doctor was willing to just sit by even though so much could be done.

He then asked what was my progesterone was when we got pregnant, and when I mentioned it was 6, he said, "oh my, that was low!"

Let's just say, after talking more with him about my low progesterone and where we are now, we were all in agreement that this little one is a miracle and a fighter.

It was just so amazing meeting a man who does so much good.

A man who fights for women and doesn't seek to simply mask problems.

A man who seeks to help the woman and man get as healthy as possible.

Both my husband and I are so happy we got to meet him and are feeling so blessed to get to work with such a great group of doctors.

The PPVI is amazing and I am definitely spreading the word about their good works as much as possible.

And now, I leave you with our picture that a sweet, stranger took for us:

And lastly here's a picture from the end of the night...our little one's first pro-life banquet:

If you were wondering, yes, those are our real faces...I felt it was time to just forget the whole being anonymous thing! ;)


Leila @ Little Catholic Bubble said...

This is great!! And, you are so funny! I always suspected you had a yellow face. ;)

JellyBelly said...

He is such a wonderful man!!!! Truly one of God's warriors on earth!!!

Catholic Mutt said...

So awesome that you got to meet him! And I love that you and your husband's real faces are so interchangeable. :)

Sew said...

That's fantastic!!!

imusthaveprayedforpatience said...

That's great!

This_Cross_I_Embrace said...

You really shouldn't wear sunglasses indoors...

Rebecca said...

So awesome!!!!

Wha?!?! You wore a mask when we met up?!?! My day is ruined now :(.

Hebrews 11:1 said...

Yay!!! LOVE HIM!!! A future saint, for sure.

All in His Perfect Timing said...

Love the faces! :-) and Dr. H!!!

Ania said...

We need more Dr's like him!

Anonymous said...

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