Friday, September 21, 2012

Sprinkled with love

My SIL and brother are expecting #2, like I've mentioned before, at the beginning of November and since she had large baby showers with her first, not that long ago (little man is 18 months), she opted to not have a baby shower with this one.

But, I thought that there needs to be something though because their first was a boy and this one is a girl and well, I wanted to celebrate!!

So, I did a little research and read the cutest thing ever...a baby sprinkle!!! I had never heard of it before but it sounded perfect...not a full blown baby shower but a cute, small intimate baby sprinkle!

I called my brother and asked him what he thought about me planning something small...a little surprise.

He thought it was a great idea and that's when I got the ball rolling. I called my Gm (whose house it was at) because I knew she would love the idea!

Along with my gm, I called my other SIL, a few cousins and aunts for our baby sprinkle and told everyone to keep it quiet because it was a surprise.

I planned it for around lunch because what ladies don't love getting together for a little girly luncheon/baby sprinkle?!

I made a little banner out of doilies and stamps to be hung by the table:

And speaking of table, my Gm pulled out the pretty plates and glasses and with a white table cloth and tulle, she made it so lovely:

We had a lot of yummy food:

Yummy cake:

And I asked my SIL to coordinate some flower arrangements because flowers always make a party pretty! ;)

My gift to her dubbed as decorations also, with a clothesline with some girly onesies and modge podged letters:

For her first baby shower I had come up with the idea of having the guest sign a mat that would go in a frame to be displayed in the nursery, and this time around was no different (and her telling me she was going to go buy one so little girl could have one also had me excited to do this again):

And I had painted a little frame, last minute to display on the front table with more of the beautiful flowers:

All in was a success and I was soooo happy that she had no idea! It was actually her first ever surprise party and that made me even more excited that we were able to pull it off!

And before all was said and done, I asked my cousin to take our picture so that we could have a picture pregnant and then later with the babies (I can't believe I'm even typing this!!!) because we are both having girls and they will surely be BFF-she was 33 weeks and I was 19 weeks:

Taking those pictures and talking about our girls sort of felt like an out of body experience, to be honest and I'm sure there will be many more of those moments to come...

Like my showers that family members are coordinating, one in November and one in December.

Oh my...MY showers. Now, I cannot believe I'm typing that out!!!

"Sprinkled with love..."


Hebrews 11:1 said...

LOVE this idea!! I may have to do this for my SIL.

St. Rita's Roses said...

First of all- you both should be models for maternity clothes...wholly crap you both look good!!!

Second, I just heard about the sprinkle idea...sounds adorable!!!

Suzie-Q T-Pie said...

Such a great idea!!

alison said...

Really cute! My sister had one of these for her girl and it was super cute as well. And so generous of your other sil to help out! It's a totally different experience on the 'other side' huh? Hope you have lots of fun at yours in a few weeks!

Ania said...

Cute! My showers are in nov and dec too. Surreal, huh?

All in His Perfect Timing said...

I've never heard of a "sprinkle", but I LOVE this idea!!! And your decor is SUPER CUTE!!! And I love the baby bump pic too!