Friday, December 2, 2011


But oh so happy!

You see, I've been running around and playing with my nephews.

Why would this make me exhausted?

Well, my poor SIL started not feeling so well at the beginning of the week and so her husband (my Dh's brother) decided they should go to the ER because of lots pain and vomiting, etc...

The verdict?

Appendicitis! My poor SIL! Her and her family live in Maryland and so they don't really get to visit TX but once a year and of course this would happen.

BUT...we have decided that it's a blessing because had this happened back home 1)her husband is a Marine and doesn't get a lot of time off 2)because of where they are stationed they don't have any other family nearby.

Here...they have lots of help between my MIL and me!

And my poor MIL is not quite as active as she use to be and stayed up the first night waking every 3 or so hours with the littlest (4 months) who has a cold and is strictly bre.astfed but thankfully he is taking the bottle like a champ.

Where I come in is that my BIL has been staying the night at the hospital and so I offered to go over and keep the two oldest boys (3 and 6) out of the house so that Gm could get stuff done and rest and then last night I stayed in the room with the littlest one and was on bottle duty so my poor MIL (who's beat from the holidays and having SO many family members over) could sleep.

At first I wasn't so sure I believed the whole "every 3 hours he's waking because of his cough and to eat" but low and behold it was every 3 hours!

Needless to say, after entertaining the two oldest all day yesterday, staying up with the little one last night and then taking the two oldest out again today...I am beat!

I am air high-fiving all moms out there right now! ;)

I'm seriously exhausted!

I was going to stay the night again, but since my BIL has to fly back home for work tomorrow, he's staying the night with the boys (my SIL's orders!) since he wont see them for 2 weeks.

Say a prayer for my SIL, she's in quite a bit of pain-between the emergency surgery and her still pumping and being stuck in the hospital away from her babies.

I will say, that every time I held that sweet little one last night and into this morning for his feedings, I would offer up prayers for many of you and especially my prayer buddy. Sacrificing that sleep for his sweet little self was obviously so worth it, and of course had me imagining and dreaming and praying about the day I am doing that with one of my own, but I was surprised in my sleepy stupor I was able to still pray and offer up prayers.

Anyways, after we took the two oldest to a movie (Arthur Chr.istmas...CUTE movie) and having the 3 year old in my lap the whole time spilling popcorn ALL over everywhere...I told them goodnight and said I would see them tomorrow, which they complained that was, "much too far will take too long!!"

Sweet babies! :)

I came home just in time to kiss my husband goodbye for work (grr night time shifts) and laid on the couch anticipating an early night but then I realized that since all this happened unexpectedly I hadn't been able to put up Christmas decorations (but I've taken down the fall ones so our home feels a bit "naked" to me!) so I thought I would quickly put up the tree....

...1.5 hours later I finished and look forward to finishing the rest soon...just not tonight.

Tonight I am tired.

Feeling extremely blessed and loved.

But oh so tired.

Am I just rambling on now? Maybe I forgot to mention I'm a wee bit sleepy! ;)

And now, I'll end with a hint about where we have decided (with LOTS of prayers, advice and research) to pursue our next fertility stuff:

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.”


Lisa said...

Aww- I'm sad you won't be down my way, but I'm so hopeful that Omaha will be WONDERFUL for you and your fertility!!

JellyBelly said...

Oh girl, you have my prayers for everything -- particularly going to where I just was!

I spent last Friday at my bf's house and two of her kids were home (the eldest is at school full-time and the middle guy is only half-day). I was on the couch for the entire day and when I got home I needed to nap!

I definitely think that the Lord had a reason to make babies small and cute -- it helps their parents build up a resistance to taking care of them! ;)

imusthaveprayedforpatience said...

Yeah for Omaha! And, sounds like you got some good mommy prep training with the little one!

Hebrews 11:1 said...

Nephews are the BEST. :) And I'm so, so glad you are coming to Omaha!! You won't regret it.

BlessedBeLord said...

Hurray for Omaha!!! I am so excited for you.. And I'm glad that you had such a wonderful time with the little ones even though it was exhausting. Praying for your SIL. And yes, I am tempted more than ever to follow you to Omaha ;)

Rebecca said...

Nieces and nephews are the best!

Many payers as you continue your journey...Omaha is a great choice!

Amanda @ "All in His Perfect Timing" said...

I'm so glad you were able to help your SIL. I know she appreciated it ... and it sounds like your nephews had a blast too. I'll bet rocking that baby was such a good time (except for lack of sleep.) SO glad you are deciding on Omaha! I can't wait to read more about your plans!