Tuesday, March 12, 2013

If you're having your period you are ovulating.

Today, the nurse called back and asked some follow up questions about my bleeding and also to say she had spoken to my doctor.

They seem to think, and I agree, that I've most likely started my cycle.

Yesterday I definitely felt pmsy and the cramping and cravings for chocolate were pretty crazy.

The funny thing is, as I was getting off the phone, the nurse goes, "so, I see we haven't prescribed you birth control...and you know, if you're having your period you are ovulating!" I told her we are Catholic and practice NFP (she's heard of it!) and said to start that backup (thank goodness for my doctor's office-they def respect us and our beliefs!).

After hearing her tell me about ovulating, I wanted to laugh and tell her, " you know, you can have your period and NOT ovulate..."

I mean, 5 years of "having my period" and only a small handful of (alleged) ovulation times there...oh and the one and only definite time last may!

But I didn't laugh at her.
I didn't try and remind her that periods do not always mean ovulation.

I didn't.
Because honestly, all I could think of (at 9 am!!!) was when the heck I could get my hands on some chocolate...

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know the exact same thing happened to me a few months ago. My postpartum spotting all but stopped after about 3.5 weeks, and then I had full on bleeding at about 4.5 weeks. I never did figure out if it was my period or postpartum bleeding, but it was heavy and unfortunately continued for about two weeks before it stopped. I never imagined my cycle would return so quickly!

Isaiah 55:8-9 said...

I definitely had my period those 4 months I did the ultrasound series and I definitely did NOT ovulate... so, yeah, that nurse is wrong!

I don't know that I knew you had ovulation issues... so that gives me hope that maybe someday I will!

Sarah said...

Honestly, it sounded like a period to me, but it's impossible to know online! Also sometimes heavier bleeding post-partum can be a symptom of something serious, so I am glad you have been in contact with your dr to determine what's going on. I have seen periods come back super early before (not mine: I almost wish it would TRY to come back now that I'm 6 mo post-partum, but it's acting uninterested).

Also, you have so much self-control in responding to that nurse! What a stupid thing to say! In fact, it's unlikely you truly ovulated this first "cycle" (regardless of IF history!). But I am glad your dr's office is so supportive of your use of NFP.

Enjoy the chocolate. :)

St. Rita's Roses said...

The secular world just does not get it!

JellyBelly said...

I packed chocolate in my carry on luggage, just in case! I'm P+12 today and I don't want to have a chocolate emergency!

Emily G. said...

I had the same thing happen after my last baby. Spotting through 3 weeks postpartum, fertile cm at 3 weeks, period at 4. It does happen. So much for the break, huh?

alison said...

Too funny about the chocolate! This is literally how I knew my period was coming postpartum (or I should have). I never crave chocolate and when I was rummaging for some even my husband was saying "but you don't even like chocolate!" That and the massive zit breakout :) I'm sorry you didn't get more of a break though. Your body has been through a lot!