Saturday, May 18, 2013

Crazy things people say...

Thankfully this post is not another story about people saying rude comments-like my last one-no this one was more awkward!

A couple days ago I was walking around kohls and this lady comes up to me and says, "Oh yeah, I didn't think that was a real baby!!"

A confused me, while looking down at F in her stroller, goes, "Umm...she is a real baby!!"

Then she tells me that she thought that it was my baby doll for a school project! I laughed afterwards thinking about the fact that she thought I was in high school and that she thought F was a baby doll!

It could have stopped there (like I shared on fb) but the sorta awkward woman came back to me and continued on...
Rambling on about how she's seen some crazy people carry around baby dolls that look like they're real babies and she thought maybe that's something I was doing also!

She's real.

I laughed really awkwardly as she walked off (again) and hoped she wouldn't return with more random comments.

Not a school project doll.
Not a crazy lady who carries around a doll pretending it's real.

And that's my story about how my baby got mistaken as a doll and it seems I was mistaken as a high schooler and also a crazy lady!


Sarah said...

Lol, it sounds like she was embarrassed at her first comment and was trying to continue to justify it with more stories. Obviously, that didn't help with the awkwardness factor, lol.

Joy Beyond the Cross said...

I agree with Sarah - that was my first thought about why she came back. But that is still weird!!

Andrea said...

My 3 year old has a doll that looks really lifelike that she loves, and people always freak when they see her holding it upside down by one foot or something, lol!!

All in His Perfect Timing said...

Oh my gosh! You have some CRAZY people who live near you!!! Yikes!
Again ... WHO would say something like that??? :)

one joyful day said...

Some people have NO filter whatsoever!! lol. Wish I could be a fly on the wall for some of these! ha.