Thursday, November 4, 2010


So, Jenny rocks and recommended that I use an app called bloggpress and at first I wasn't sure if it would work with blogspot but I decided to get it and far so good!!!! And it makes using color quite simple!!!

Tomorrow I'm cleaning and will hopefully be able to take a few pictures of our new house to show everyone.


Today was a blah day. Maybe I'm anticipating tomorrow's blood work, maybe it was just one of those days. I need to let go and trust.

Why is letting go so hard?

Why do I hold onto things and let them eat at my very core?

It's definitely not because I think that I can handle it better on my own.

That would be crazy! And I do not want to be crazy.

So, on this chilly Texas night, with sugar cookies baking in the oven, a sleepy pup at my feet, and some good music playing in the background....

I offer up this anxiety to you Lord.

"Enjoy this moment, for this moment is your life."


Megan said...

Jenny would recommend an app...hahaha! Glad it's working for you!
I will pray for peace and trust in your heart and that the bloodwork comes back with good news!

Jenny said...

I'm so glad it worked!! I just tried it with a bunch of pics and it seemed to be ok! Whoohoo!

Praying for good bloodwork for you. :)

Awaiting a Child of God:) said...

Yay! Hope the have the app for my phone:) going to look now. THANKS! Hope those cookies were good..yum!

alliemich said...

Making me hungry! I have to get that app, but then again it will be just one more thing that makes it too hard to seperate myself from my iphone, ugh!!!