Saturday, March 19, 2011

Here we go again...

Yeah, so yesterday I woke to CD1. And I didn't burst immediately into tears and hit the ground sobbing about how I couldn't go through another cycle.


I was excited.


Yup. You heard me right. You see, since surgery we've had two medicated cycles (with little progresses each time!) and now, I've been off for two months because of traveling and whatnot.

I am actually looking forward to going driving that 45 minute drive 4+ times a month to monitor things. I want to see if they up the clomid or if they add shots in.

I'm excited because, through prayer (and my new amazing saint, Marthe Robin) I have an over abundance of hope, trust and perseverance.

Oh how I wish I could bottle up this hope for a rainy day. You know, the days where you feel little to no hope?! Well, I'd happily break up this excessive amount of hope to last all month so as to not have those rainy days at all. But that's not how things work.

I am thinking of buying an old jar from the thrift store and filling it with bible verses and quotes that inspire, uplift and encourage, so that way when I am down I can reach into my jar of hope for a little pick me up. It's on my "to-do" crafting list.

Speaking of crafting, with a CD1 falling on a night that my husband works and me wanting to keep my emotions in line, I made three new headbands:

With this gold and white one, I'm thinking of adding two more circles filled with the beads-just to give it a little something more because it's looking a little plain!

Gluing those little turquoise beads on was quite fun...I'm sure I'll be finding the ones, that made their getaway, for awhile!

And speaking of thrift stores, we have a new one that opened up not to far from my house! I'm thinking of heading there later today to see what treasures I can find!

"One craft project, like one cookie,
is never enough!"


Joy Beyond the Cross said...

Oh my goodness those headbands are so stinking cute!!! My SIL, and my best friend went to a craft show today, my 1st one in years and it was so much fun. We were very inspired by some of the stuff and it was a lot of fun. And the retail therapy and being surrounded by super fun creativity and friends was awesome. Do you sell your headbands?

Regarding HOPE - you go girl!!!!! I love coming to your blog and reading these kinds of posts. You are an inspiration.

Jenny said...

LOVE those headbands!!! The jar idea is fantastic. I just might have to do that myself. :)

Megan said...

So full of hope for you!! LOVE the headbands!! You really should have an etsy shop!

Mrs. Henderson said...

So cute! I am sorry about CD1...praying that this is your month!

Julie said...

Love the jar idea! If you do it, please post the verses so that I can copy you!! I would love to do it, but don't have any time to look up verses!

The IF Cross said...

You really should have an etsy shop!!! I have one and it is super easy!! You'd be surprised how many buyers you'd have :) I'd be the first to buy one or two!!! Let me know if you start one up! I love crafting...It really is therapy!

Nicole C said...

Your jar idea is brilliant!! I might just have to steal it!

Awaiting a Child of God:) said...

The Lord is really working in your life right now. I am so impressed with your strength and with your faith growth. Hugs sweet friend. LOVE LOVE the JAR and HEADBANDS!

Katie @ Persevere in Prayer said...

Love the jar idea, the headbands, and the CD1 hope! I had a few of those CD1s where I was extremely hopeful and not depressed--treasure it!