Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"Be patient with me...

...God's not done with me yet!"

That was one of the quotes that Father said on retreat this past weekend and it resonated deep inside me!

I am a work in progress! From little things I struggle with to big things like having to re offer up the struggles of IF more times than not because I let myself get so easily down.

The quote is already stamped out and placed where everyone can see it in our home! :)

As for the silence...

So peaceful. I was so completely at peace there. My mind focused on hearing what God wanted to tell me which more times than not it was, "enjoy this moment, your moment will come." That brought such a huge sense if peace for my weary soul. I just wanted to be able to enjoy the quiet and the one on one time with God. My anxiety of IF wasn't there. Heck the mere thought of it was missing.

Except for the healing mass where I broke down in tears realizing I had never asked for healing in regards to my IF.

So I prayed, "Heal me from my IF, fill my empty womb" over and over with all the faith in my heart, body and mind.

One other big thing that stood out and that the priest told me one on one in a spiritual direction meeting was that I need to go to our Blessed Mother. This women knows the all the feelings, emotions and desires that come from being a mother, after all she was the mother of Jesus. And that by revealing to the Blessed Mother my intention of motherhood, I can ask her to go to her Son with these intentions.

Needless to say, the Blessed Mother and I have been even closer since the retreat! ;)

All in all the retreat was peaceful, restful, informational and healing. It revamped my hope and trust in a way I probably couldn't even begin to express to y'all properly. As the days go by I'm sure I'll blog more specifically about the retreat but for now, I just wanted to say it was amazing.

And on another random note that left me in aww, I just had to share what happened with my MIL yesterday. She had been on a different retreat with two of her girlfriends this past weekend. We both offered to pray for one another throughout each of our retreats. Well one things that happened at her retreat was that they had a basket that you could reach in and grab a saint-a patron saint for the year (very similar to what this wonderful lady does). She pulled one for her and my FIL, along with one for every child...meaning Dh and I received one. And I'll begin by saying that each one was dead on for each person. They not only said a saint, but said a quote by them also.

My husband received Padre Pio and his quote said, "The heart of the Divine Master has no more amiable law than that of sweetness, humility, charity. Often place your confidence in Divine Providence and be assured that sooner heaven and earth shall pass away than that the Lord neglect to protect you."

Amazing. I've been so worried about my husband at work and pray constantly for his protection (he's a police officer in a rough area)...I loved hearing that God is hearing our prayers and protecting him.

As for mine, I got a saint I've never heard of, Marthe Robin and here's the quote, "It seems to me that the heart that is full of trust is the one, fascinated by the infinite power of divine love, that does not allow human impossibilities to limit its hope, but nourishes its trust with the immensity of love, with infinity, and expects from God with peaceful assurance, infinitely more than what we can hope or imagine."

I was in tears when my MIL read this. She too was in aww at just how perfect it was for me.

Upon further research into who this Saint was, the really neat thing I read first was that she lived similarly to Padre Pio and that in fact she is known as France's Padre Pio!! The saint my husband received! How neat!! In a nut shell, she lived paralyzed, with the Mystical stigmata and along with Padre Pio, she had a way of seeing into people souls and was able to share with them what they needed to hear...

And that quote couldn't have been any more beautiful and further in line with my hearts fullness to trusting, hope and having faith...our time will come.

God is good.

"Be patient with me...God's not done with me yet!


Katie @ Persevere in Prayer said...

I'm so glad the retreat was spiritually fruitful for you! I've never heard of Marthe Robin before either...reading up on her now!

Lisa said...

Beautiful! How perfect for you and your husband. And what a fantastic MIL you must have.

Thank Heaven that God's not done with me yet-- I still have so far to go. Isn't it great that he doesn't give up on us like I give up on fixing so many things?

K said...

Ah! I stopped dead when I read "Marthe Robin"!

I have a friend who is in the community of St. John...she is a contemplative nun. Anyway, someone who knew Marthe Robin came to speak at her convent and she wrote to me right away about her because many many couples have prayed to Marthe Robin to conceive and have! She intercedes for the infertile!! Perfect for you!!!

Anyway she and her sisters were picking their yearly patron Saints, and she picked one for me...and it was Marthe Robin!! :) Maybe we'll both conceive this year.

Hebrews 11:1 said...

Oh, I'm so glad it was such a wonderful experience! I'm glad you asked for healing...IF is such a trial. So glad you are feeling peace after the weekend. :)

Suzie-Q T-Pie said...

How wonderful for you! I'm so glad the retreat was so great, and asking for healing is a big step~ :)

Nicole C said...

Wow! Providential all around!! Amazing! I've been anxious to hear about your retreat. I'd love to find one near me!

Awaiting a Child of God:) said...

Friend!!! I'm so happy to read these words. I feel refreshed reading them!! What a wonderful blessing of peace and comfort you received:):) You also gave me an idea of prayer in asking for God to fill my empty that! Also Mary, sweet Mary, I need to talk to her more.

So glad you are back. I love you and your blog!

Faith makes things possible said...

Katie-she seems like an amazing woman and I'm so glad she found me, in a sense, because if not she's a saint I may never have known of!

Lisa-so true! I'm working really hard on not giving up on things because if He's not giving up on me then why should I? :)

K-your comment left me in tears!!!! I'm in such aww over this whole situation!! I'm going to definitely ask her to interceed for me and you as well. It's so neat to see another fellow blogger with a connection to a saint most know nothing about it. Praying this is our year!!

Hebrews-seriously, I feel so silly for never having asked for healing. Something so simple, yet pretty difficult to do because it requires complete faith and trusting...

Suzie- amen sista! ;)

Nicole-I'll ask my Gm if she knows anything about silent retreats outside of Texas.

Awaiting a child of God-you're comments are always so sweet and leave a smile on my face, thank you!