Monday, October 29, 2012

Prayers for my SIL please * UPDATED

Thanks for the prayers! Today, she was finally released from the hospital and they are home.

She had a severe UTI and possible infection in her uterus but thankfully, she's on the mend.

Yesterday I was with the little ones and I must say-taking care of a newborn (not even a week old) and a 19 month old will keep you on your toes! Last night each time I had to wake with little L, my heart was sad knowing that my SIL wanted to be the one waking with her new daughter.

I'm just glad I got to help and spend time with them and that my SIL was able to get the proper care she needed.

My dh came over and stayed the night also, so we both joked we were getting some practice time in before our little one arrives in a few months!

Boy is it exhausting! Exhausting but obviously so very worth it.

Thanks again for all the prayers-I know it helped with her healing and the sadness she felt being away from her babies!


My SIL, the one who just had our sweet little niece a few days ago, was taken to the ER by my brother with a high fever, shivers, high blood pressure and some other things I didn't quite get.

They are thinking it might be a severe UTI or something to do with being anemic (she found out her iron was dangerously low after delivering).

They're waiting for lab results right now, but the doctor said she'll def stay over night and maybe a couple days in the hospital.

On top of not feeling well, it's gotta be so hard to be away from her new baby and 19 month old.

Just asking for prayers that they find out what's wrong and also that she recovers quickly!

Thanks y'all!

"Pray...there is immeasurable power in it."

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Oh my goodness, yes, I will pray!!!

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Praying for her!

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On it!

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so glad she is ok. something similar happened to my sister. and yes, newborns are a lot of work! thankfully they get easier as they grow.