Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Thanks for the encouraging words and prayers yesterday. Thankfully I was only in a funk/anxious/upset for a bit in the morning.

My sweet dh woke up to me crying, and then I told him about my numbers going down and also, on top of everything, it seemed like baby girl wasn't as wiggly as she normally was.

His first response, was to say not to worry and then he lead us in prayer.

Little girl was still rather still which had me anxious, but my sweet dh rubbed my belly and started to talk to her...

And she instantly started wiggling and kicking.

She loves her daddy so much already.
And boy oh boy are we blessed to have him as our leading man.

From that moment on my heart was calm and my anxiety slowly crept away.

Later that morning, we left and met his parents and brother and headed to the state fair, which was amazing!!!

Great food, great family times and tons to look at.

The only draw back was that I'm quickly realizing my physical limitations! I've always had back problems (because of a incident while I was 18) but am normally ok as long as I stretch if it gets too sore, but now, it gets sore/tired much quicker. Also, my feet get so unbelievably sore and so that mixed with my back meant more breaks...

Breaks in between fried food yumminess.

Speaking of fried food, I'll show y'all a little sneak at what we all tried. And no, I didn't eat everything on my own (except for the corn dog and fried bacon cinnamon roll), we mostly shared to try a variety! Perk of going with others!!

Now, I'll show the picture, but please don't judge. We were at the fair and this only happens once a year. ;)

1) Jalapeño, cheddar corn dog
2) Pulled brisket nachos
3) Fried cheeseburger bites filled with cheese and jalapeños
4) Cotton Candy
5) Funnel cake with strawberries
6) Fried bacon cinnamon rolls
7) Fried Pb&j

My top favorites: The jalapeño cheddar corn dog, fried cheeseburger bites and (surprising) the fried bacon cinnamon rolls.

Here's me in my happy place...

One was my dh's by the way, I was holding it for him as he went to get drinks. But, it sure did make for a funny picture!

All in all, yesterday started rough, but with the amazing support and spiritual guidance of my dh, my anxiety quickly turned to peace. And the state fair was a huge success...making yesterday a great day after all.



Ania said...

Mmmm! Glad your day turned out to be a good one. I LOVE when baby responds to my hubs. Keep growin strong baby girl!

imusthaveprayedforpatience said...

So glad you're feeling better! I think positive vibes and happy thoughts help that progesterone go up, so try not to worry anymore. :)

Megan said...

I would never judge a person by how much fair food they eat because well I feel you are expected to pig out at the fair. Love some of the nachos those were by far my favorite this year!

Matt has the same calming effect on me too when it comes to my worries. It seems that as soon as he starts talking to her she starts moving and it just makes me smile.

Catholic Mutt said...

So glad that things are feeling better and that it turned out to be such a great day!