Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday's thoughts:

I have a bunch of random thoughts running around my head and so I thought I would just list them out, for my own sake really...

-I have read so many posts by others recently that have been almost exactly what I have been feeling. It's so crazy. Really though, it's just a reminder from God that we aren't alone...

-No job yet. And really, I don't mind (well, the really not denting our debt I mind...just not the working part). It's hard to explain to people but all the other jobs that I have ever worked/will work just don't do it for me. It's so hard to explain. I am not wanting to be a pretty princess that stays home while her husband works his butt off to provide, it's just that I desire so badly to be a mom that all the other jobs are simply that...just jobs. For example, my husband is a police officer and he LOVES it. He's been on for over 2 years and still gets excited about going in. He loves what he does, the people he works with and knows that God put him in that job. Now, for me, any job that I have had in the past (don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed some of them at times) there was always something missing and it always felt like something to do "in the mean time". Anyways, I have tried to find one, anyone at this point and it's pretty stinkin' hard. Go economy.

-Yesterday it got up to 107! And no, that wasn't the heat index, that was the actual temperature! looking foward to Fall already!!!

-We are meeting with our Realtor next week to look at some houses. Thankfully, there have been quite a few of them that have gone down in the few weeks we have taken off from looking! Fingers crossed we find something we like.

-I have been going to adoration quite a bit lately. I guess there's been so much on my mind that I am trying to give it to God and not let worry consume my heart. I've been rather anxious off and on it seems and I don't want to live like that. I want to just trust and know that His plans and timing are perfect. Always. However, it seems that I will go from excited and hopeful one day to almost a panic and fear (of the unknown) the next. I recently started doing some novenas again (St. Therese and St. Gerard) and asking for peace and it really seems to be working. Prayer is rather powerful and I know that I will probably have to re-offer up my pains, sorrows and fears on more than one occasion. It's definitely not a, "well, I offered it up and am good to go now..." sort of thing.

-My "high" of the week is that my DH has inservice and so his hours are 8-5pm and so we get to have dinner together every night and sleep together! I seriously feel so beyond blessed to have this. Since he usually works 4 nights out of the week, I don't really sleep that well but now, we have been able to pray our rosary together each night before bed and then we get to sleep together! Pure joy.

"The desire of every human heart is love" (Anonymous)


Joy Beyond the Cross said...

That is great that you get a week home with DH in the evenings. I don't like it when either of us travel and are away from each other at night, so I totally get this.

I have some of the same thoughts about adoration, we are so blessed to have it. Good luck with the job search!

mrsblondies said...

Good luck with the job search. That's awesome that your DH will be home for dinner all week.

I'm glad that adoration is helping you deal with your anxieties.

Ann - Building a Nest said...

You know, I went to great pains to pick a job/career that I would love only to be so disappointed. I just think my priorities weren't right, but also I was being called to something else. I can relate.

I know it has got to be awesome having your DH home for dinner.

Novenas are the one prayer form I can commit to. I pick a saint, pray for 9 days, and then another saint. I end up learning more about them individually when I do that. MUST get myself back on the Novena bandwagon.

Suzie-Q T-Pie said...

Thats great that your DH gets to be home in the evenings with you! :)
I feel the same way about jobs, they are just "jobs" and it's not what i was meant to do... last summer I stayed home with Gabe, and it felt like that was what I was meant to do.. Someday it will happen! :)