Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Yeah, that was my progesterone this month.

All natural.

No meds.

And I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a wee bit disappointed.

Because I was.

But it's all good because I'm starting clomid this month (again) full of hope.

And it doesn't hurt that my dh agreed that a day at the salon to get my hair done was just what I needed! :)

Maybe I'll post a picture of the new dew later...especially seeing as I don't cut or trim my hair but once every 6-12 months.

Yeah, I'm that bad.

But today it was definitely needed because my progesterone was crap.

And my hair was looking like crap too...hello split ends off of split ends off of split ends...


Mary said...

ergh so sorry about the progesterone!!! but glad you are able to have hope!! I will have hope for you too!!!

YES PICTURE OF NEW DO PLEASE! :) My hair is a disaster right now - hasn't been cut in far too long - I wish I could come with you and have a girls salon day out :) You deserve it, relax and have a good time!

JellyBelly said...

Stupid hormones! What has your doc recommended to boost your levels?

And I second Mary! I want to see pics since I won't be on FB until the 21st!!!

Julie said...

Speaking of hair cuts...I just got my cut this weekend (on a whim). It has been OVER 9 months since I got it cut and it was so split ended.

Last time I got it cut, Bella was only a month old and Andrew just flew into NY to spend what ended up being our last week there with us and I handed him Bella and said "I need to get my hair cut, she keeps pulling it out" and I took off and drove to the nearest haircutting place and that is my story...kinda lame, but I just do hair cuts on a whim!!

Katie @ Persevere in Prayer said...

I'm the same as you as far as haircuts go, except I'm more of every 9-12 months. Post the pictures so we can see the pretty new "do"! :)

Holly Rutchik said...

whoa! Is it just me or is P like the devil or something. Grrr.
I have only had mine tested once. The doc would not believe me that I thought I had an issue and that is why I thought caused a miscarraige ("they are normal, bla blabla bla) yeah, I know that, but MY CHART is telling me there may be an issue, can you PLEASE test it. After fighting she did. It was 9. NINE and here is the kicker - This was at 14 DPO after I had known I was preggo for 3 days and that is why I was begging to have it tested. You would think after it came back I wouldn't have to fight to do something about a NINE when I am preggo. But I did.
Always causing problems that darn P! I', sooo sorry it was a crap reading. I am so happy you went and got your hair done. You deserve to FEEL good and beautiful. Good for you for knowing you needed something after that.
Praying for you - someday that reading will be great!

Awaiting a Child of God:) said...

Poo on progesterone being low. Sorry!

New haircut...must see pics!!!

I'm getting mine today:) We are on the same track:)

Nicole C said...

Boo progesterone, but yay salon day! :) Can't wait to see pics!