Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We said goodbye to our dog today (and prayer buddy reveal)

Yes, that's right. The dog we got back in October right after we moved into our house is no longer living with us.

He's not dead, let me start by saying that so y'all don't have to worry.

The thing is, he's a full blood lab.

And he's crazy.

He's smart.

But crazy.

The big things are the high energy and the separation anxiety.

High energy + separation anxiety = the siding on our house eaten off, chairs destroyed, hundreds of holes dug in the yard, eating the protection tubing and wiring off our ac unit-causing it to break...

Yeah, the last incident was with the ac unit and that was the final straw for my dh.

The thing is, he's inside most the time, and we go on walks and play fetch outside BUT we can't be with him all the time and that's when stuff starts to happen.

He needs to be with someone who has a dog already or lots of kids that will play with him constantly.

My dh too him to the shelter this morning and the lady told him it sounded like separation anxiety and that someone with dogs already would work wonders for thus little pup.

So yeah...even though I wasn't head over heals in love with this dog (like some people are with their dogs) and I'm going to enjoy gardening and planting flowers in the back yard and you know, I'm going enjoy not having our things destroyed...I'm missing him and a little sad to see him go.

But ultimately it was best for us and him.

Ok, ok...on to a more positive note, PRAYER BUDDIES!!!

I had the privilege of praying for Donna at What if God Says No! I thought about and prayed for her each and every day this Lent. My dh and I offered up numerous rosaries for her intentions and prayed before our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament for her during our Monday night holy hour.

Donna, I know I already emailed you and told you most this but just know you will most definitely be in my prayers even beyond Lent!

"Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life."(S.D Gordon)


Mrs. Henderson said...

Oh man! I am so sorry! I know that must be tough. Prayers for you- I am hoping this is your cycle!!

Mary said...

So sorry about the dog :( :( :( I wish I could give you a hug!