Monday, April 4, 2011

I need to post...

...So that creepy picture of that finger isn't RIGHT there when I check my blog. You think that one is gross?! That was the least grossest one I could find-think fingers actually hanging off and lots and lots of blood!

Ok, don't think about it because it's disgusting and gross and I'm moving on from my little (successful) April Fools joke! ;)

Here's a quick update:
-I may have allegedly ovulated and I'm finding it's always around day 16 or so. Guess I'll find out when I go in for blood work this Friday. Quick question, since I'm at a secular doctor and he doesn't do charting (creighton), and goes off the average women's cycle, if I think I'm allegedly ovulating a bit later and they do the blood draw on CD22 to check progesterone, how different will the results be? I guess I need to explain my possible later ovulation with him...

-My sweet new nephew is doing amazing! His breathing problem has completely cleared up and yesterday they moved him out of NICU and out from under the jaundice lights and so if he can stay stable for 24 hours he's a free man!

-The weather is starting to get warmer and although I love my new house, one thing I'll miss about apartment living is laying out by the pool. But that's about it, well that and being able to call maintenance when there's a problem! The wind, however, is crazy! And not just walk outside and your skirt flows all it's walk outside, panic that your skirt is going to fly over your head as you're holding down both sides with your hands all the while your hair is flipping in your face like a crazy person...yeah, so I won't be wearing a skirt again while this crazy wind is here!!

-Because of the first thing I mentioned, my mind has started raising..."oh, that would be great to get pregnant right before starting meds back'll almost be like a surprise pregnancy!"...."if we got pregnant now, then the baby would be due..." and so forth! I try to shake those thoughts because I trust in His timing. That and it gets too exhausting thinking of all the "what-if's!"

-It's amazing how having another person, a stranger really, to pray for helps with selflessness. When I'm feeling particularly overwhelmed or whatnot, praying for this special lady and offering up my sufferings for her really helps me think of others and not dwell so much on me.

-The Texas Rangers are doing awesome!! Dh and I might be going to the game tonight with another couple so that's quite exciting for a Monday!

-I know I've mentioned this before but I really hate that my Dh is gone, working 4 night out of the week! It really does make me cherish those nights I do get with him though...

Ok...that's all for now! I like how I can list things out and it doesn't matter that they don't all go together because's just a list of random updates...

"One of the beautiful things about baseball is that every once in a while you come into a situation where you want to, and where you have to, reach down and prove something." (Nolan Ryan)


Julie said...

Thanks for getting the gross pic off my feed too!!

The wind is crazy here also. Like 40 MPH gusts and pieces of houses flying through the neighborhood! Crazy! No skirts for me!

Awaiting a Child of God:) said...

BAHAHAHA! This is hilarious! It's like that shirt my husband saw that read, "I'm not ADD...wait did you see that squirrel!" hahaha. Love randomness! That is so my life!

So happy to see your little nephew is doing better!

And baseball...I love it! DH and I love to go to braves games and eat hotdogs and drink beer. Have so much fun. Wish Bama had a pro baseball team:)

Anddddd Bama is only a drive away!!

Mary said...

haha with all that randomness stuff I just thought "that is so me" ;) hahahaha. My husband teases me all the time about it. "WHERE did THAT come from?" :)

it must be windy everywhere, it's windy here too! wait who am I kidding it is ALWAYS windy here, we are in one of the windiest areas. I'll have to duct tape skirts to my legs I guess. ;)

So glad the baby is doing well and SO hoping for good results from your blood tests! GO EGGS! I wouldn't think it would matter if it's just a couple of days diff, but I'm not sure. Good idea to bring it up.

Mary said...

ps - so glad that finger pic isn't at the top
and pps - YES please do a "10 things about me and my better half" post! :)

Lisa said...

Hey-- I will be back in Fort Worth visiting my family in a few weeks... you live around there, don't you?? Blogger meet-up???

Send me an e-mail at cheerfullychaotic @ gmail . com!

Hebrews 11:1 said...

Randomness, in my opinion, is one of the best things about life!

So glad to hear your little nephew is doing well!!!!

Katie @ Persevere in Prayer said...

That's great that your nephew will be out so soon!

The first progesterone check my doctor did was on CD 21 for me (last June). My levels were low, so he said I didn't ovulate. But according to my chart, I ovulated on CD 25. I thought about asking him to re-test again the following month, but I was later diagnosed with PCOS because I had a lot of anovulatory cycles (confirmed via ultrasounds). I would speak with your doctor about the possible delayed ovulation and testing for progesterone later and see what s/he says. Good luck!