Sunday, April 17, 2011


Yes it is CD1.

And the cramps are pretty crappy.

My emotions are wacky.

Everything makes me cry.

And my husband left for retreat today and I miss him so much.


I'm hopeful for this cycle with starting the meds back up.

And even though I miss my dh, especially since the three nights he's off during the week (Sun-Tue) he'll be on retreat instead of with me, I couldn't imagine a more perfect way to start out this amazing dh growing closer to Jesus.

Jesus, we trust in you.


Hebrews 11:1 said...

Come on meds! Prayers for a good cycle this month. :)

Lauren @ Magnify the Lord with Me said...

Sigh. I'm sorry. Hoping with you for a good cycle!!!

JellyBelly said...

Stupid CD1.

Sending you hugs and prayers!

Katie @ Persevere in Prayer said...

Boo on CD1. Prayers for a better cycle!

Joy Beyond the Cross said...

Oh J, I am sorry...ugh. Are you going back on the same meds as last time - or are they making any changes in dosage, etc.? I am hoping next month is YOUR MONTH!!

Megan said...

Ugh. bummer. :( I pray that next month is your month! You always amaze me with your positive outlook!

Suzie-Q T-Pie said...

Hate CD1! Praying for next month!

Mary said...

awww that is really awesome that you're able to find a positive (with the retreat)!!!

I am so bummed for you having another CD1!!! Continuing to pray!!! I wish you could come visit while your husband is gone! Hopefully you can have some good girl-time there!

Awaiting a Child of God:) said...

Hugs sweet friend. I love hearing you praise the fact that your dh is growing closer to Jesus. Keep up that attitude. I know it gets hard...gosh do I know. I wish I could take it away from you. Please know that I am praying for you.