Friday, October 7, 2011

Picture post: Fall addition

I love Fall so much.
The cooler weather.
The changing of the leaves.
The anticipation of the holidays.

So, in preparation for this new fall weather (ie: NOT 100 degrees out), I finally decorated around the house. I will say, after I decorated around the house the other day, it was still a bit warmer than I would have liked so I pumped the ac down to about 70 and lit my fall candles and snuggled under a blanket as I pretended it was chilly out.

Here's some of the decorations around our home:
I revamped this little section of our bar by adding fall ribbon to the lamp and some other little fall decorations ( many times can I say, "fall" in this post?!):

Here's our mantel:

I love this a lot. I finally was able to use some of those thrift store mason jars that I have been collecting. I replaced the three big pillar candles that normally sit on our coffee table with these:

Somehow, our front door wreath managed to not get damaged while it was packed away...I made this last year:

And here I replaced my "summer" decorations on my homemade coffee filter wreath with some fall stuff I used last year:

And although this has nothing to do with fall and more to do with my love of thrifting and revamping things on a bargain, here's a .99 cent sheet I found at the good ol' thrift store and put up as curtains to replace the old dark ones we had in the living room:

And the final photo...the random one of the bunch, because it wouldn't be a real picture post without at least one random photo! ;) Here's what happens if you get a spray tan but don't pull down the little booties you are suppose to wear:

The end and goodnight! :)

"Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns." (George Eliot)


JellyBelly said...

Your house looks great!!!! My fave is the sheet you turned into a curtain! You're so creative!

imusthaveprayedforpatience said...

You are super crafty! I love that coffee filter wreath idea. Cute toenails by the way, too. Sorry about the booties! Can you get some self tanner from the store and just blend that area in?

Made For Another World said...

Love the sheet as a curtain and the lampshade. You are a woman after my own heart!

CM said...

Love the decorations! I've probably said it before, but I really admire people that have a vision and can make that into something. My place is pretty boring, because the only time I can figure out fun decorations is for Christmas. I'm with you, though. I'm loving fall. It's cold here today and there's snow in the high country.

Women for All Seasons said...

Those are some fantastic fall decorations! You are so crafty. I wish I had the patience and creativity to make things like that! Especially curtains :)


"All in His Perfect Timing" said...

Your decorations are great!!! I'm going to have to borrow the mason jar candle idea. :)
Your curtains ... I could never tell that was once a sheet! You are so VERY crafty and your home is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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