Thursday, October 20, 2011

Top three chores I dont like

1) Laundry
2) Mopping
3) showers or bathtubs...I'd rather clean a toilet!
And even though I only asked for last one doesn't really count because I never really clean them, but it's still a contender! ;)
-Cleaning the fans

What about you?



Ania said...

I could do laundry all the time no problem, but the shower and toilet I dread!

JellyBelly said...

I love doing laundry and doing the dishes, but I HATE cleaning the bathrooms and sweeping the floor. Thank God we have a cleaning lady since Mr JB is a bit of a slob. She saved our marriage and my sanity!

Donna said...

I'd have to say ironing, toilets & tubs. Oh who I miss my cleaning lady! Even though she only came once a month it was enough to take the edge off cleaning the rest of the time. And they did things I didn't usually think of.

imusthaveprayedforpatience said...

Oh, I can do laundry all day. I hate, hate, hate the shower/tub cleaning and always send the bottle of cleaner in there with my husband when he's taking a shower so he can do it. For some reason, he doesn't mind. The toilet bothers me too, but thank goodness for clorox wipes and long-handled toilet brushes. I'd like to have a cleaning person come like every two weeks and just do the bathrooms, but it's hard to find a reasonably priced, good company.

Thankful said...

Oh boy do I miss our cleaning lady from OH (and a non grad student budget). My three least favorite are dusting, windows, and folding clothes. Can I list dusting twice?

Women for All Seasons said...

The tub/shower. Hands down. I'm with you, I'd rather clean the toilet. Also, mopping. Both of which I should really do today. :P

Lauren @ Magnify the Lord with Me said...


1) Cleaning the shower. Don't mind the tub- but the walk in shower requires me in there- not just on my knees on dry floor- and I can't figure out how to do it without getting messy or wet!

2) Unloading the car after grocery shopping.

3) Washing wine glasses by hand. Random, huh? Don't mind pots and pans, but boy those wine glasses are annoying!

Made For Another World said...

Good question! 1- I hate cleaning up wet hair of any kind- in drains, on the mopped floor, the ones that get stuck on the toilet as you are cleaning it- Yuck! 2-cleaning dead bugs from windowsills. 3-I second the unloading the car after shopping.

Isaiah 55:8-9 said...

Honestly, I don't mind cleaning that much. A clean house is an instant reward for your hard work! But, if I had to pick 3, here they are:

1) Washing dishes after dinner. I don't mind during the day... but at the end of the day, I don't like having to clean up after cooking. DH usually does them though!

2) Dusting... don't really like that... although I love having at freshly dusted surfaces.

3) Cleaning the shower/tub. I just got the Method Daily shower spray though and I have to say, our shower looks great! I'm thinking I may never have to clean it again, haha. You spray it on after your shower and that's it! :)

Katie@NFP and Me said...

1)I hate folding clothes and then having to put them away. But I do love having clean sheets and clean towels.
2) Dishes. I don't know why but I think it's gross. I'd rather clean a bathroom than do the dishes.
3) Washing Windows. I don't know if I can count it because I've never actually done it but it sure looks like a pain when my husband does.

Mary said...

1) The shower/tub! It's really hard, in my opinion! I can't reach very easily so I have to stand on the edge of the tub and always think I'm gonna fall and kill myself. Ryan is "in charge of doing toilets" (do not ask me how often that gets done :-X) but I think we should trade and see if he's better about the shower ;) It hurts my back, so I think I have a good excuse, right? :)
2) Mopping... I don't mind sweeping at all, in fact it's kind of relaxing, but with mopping I feel like I can never get it clean enough
3) Ironing. Once again it's because I don't think I can ever get it smooth enough. Luckily Ryan does usually do this one :-D

Prob went into more detail than I needed to but there you have it ;)

Mary said...

oh and... I agree with Isaiah, I don't like doing dishes after dinner, I'm so problem doing them during the day either!... but I suppose I can't have a FOURTH chore on my list... haha

CM said...

Definitely dislike cleaning the bathroom and the kitchen sink. Gross!

Faith makes things possible said...

Thanks for letting me know! It seems if we all got together in one big blogger house, we would have the cleanest/most organized house ever...because we would all only do the things we enjoyed doing and leave the chores we didn't like to those that don't mind! ;)