Thursday, November 3, 2011

A hairy situation

Ok, so not really a "hairy situation" or whatever that phrase is suppose to mean...I just thought it was a clever title for this post-because I'm talking about my hair.


Oh well...I tried! ;)

Anyways, I am so bored with my hair. It's just long and light blonde- thank you Nutr.isse for helping me keep it a prettier blonde than "dishwasher blonde" or "ash blonde" as different hair stylist have said about my natural "blah" color.

I was thinking I could either put some low lights in, with the help of professionals, since it's getting colder and whatnot.

Or maybe just add layers?

But I can't add too many layers because my hair is pretty straight and slick and if I don't do it then you can tell there's layers.

I would love to add some sort of red but I don't think that would work because I blush quite easily, like when someone calls me out for something, or I am laughing, or I am crying, or I am breathing...and well, would the red just accentuate that blushing even more?! Probably so.

And no more bangs. I tried that last January and regretted them almost immediately. Like I said, I have straight, smooth hair and so the bangs just fell in my face and wouldn't stay to the side.

So, what do y'all think I should do? I am just getting bored with it and I am debating cutting it shoulder length or so but then I remember this (taken from pin.terest):

...which has been EXACTLY how I have thought every.single.time I have chopped off my long locks.

So maybe not chop it off?

Or maybe yes?


Anyways, here's what my hair looks like now:

(I just noticed the pink sweater, pink blow dryer, pink brush?! Wow, I really am a 13 year old...) ;)

I am most definitely open to suggestions!

Also, this is random...but still in line with the whole "hair" topic...a couple weeks ago I was at and I found some sponge rollers (hello elementary school!!) and bought them and slept in them. This was the before and after:

I wasn't going anywhere special with those curls... I was just curious as to what they would look like many years past those elementary days of white keds, colorful socks rolled down, big fluffy bangs, holiday earrings, scrunchies, etc...


I had it in a pony tail before I was even dressed for the day! Not so sure how I feel about those crazy curls!

Anyways, this is a completely random post but I'm hoping for some advice on my hair...and y'all give out pretty good advice so I thought I would start with y'all! ;)

"When I was little, I would put my face close to the fan to hear my robot voice" (Taken from (total shocker here) Pin.terest)


Hebrews 11:1 said...

It might look good a few inches past your shoulders...then you'd still have plenty of length to style it when you want to and ponytail it when you don't. Just a thought. I like the color though.

Perfect Power in Weakness said...

I agree with Hebrews. I was going to say go for a cut in the middle...not quite as short as shoulder length, but not as long as it is now. That way you can sort of transition into shoulder length if you like it shorter, but you can still put it in a ponytail, etc. And I also like the color the way it is.

Anonymous said...

woah...your hair always looked so wavy and curly in all the other pictures i swore that's what it really looked like!! it is actually a lot straighter...hmm...
I don't suggest cutting it short until the spring...having short hair in the winter always bothers me for some reason. and i think low lights may be a nice seasonal change...although i have been rocking that natural "blah" color ever since high school and one too many experiments with hair dye, so I may be biased!

Rebecca said...

I just chopped about 6 inches off my hair to just above my shoulders.

I've been waiting for the 'aaaah, I want my hair back!' moment, but it has yet to come.

That said, if I had NOT had layers, I probably would not have cut it. I hated my layers, they had to go and the shortest one was finally long enough to cut off to.

I just realized, I'm not much help...sorry :(

Women for All Seasons said...

Look at all your beautiful, long, blonde hair! I feel the same way after getting a major hair cut - first it's great and then I miss the rest of my hair. On the other hand, when I get only a trim, I feel like it was sort of pointless. If only we could have hair dressers to help us style our new cuts every morning, to keep it looking awesome.

I'm with Hebrews and PPIW, just bring it up to well below your shoulders, and maybe have the front part trimmed for a bit of "face-framing" layers?


Sew said...

Okay, I love your hair! Love it! I'm wondering about chopping mine off as well....

But if you want something different but still have the length cut the V part of it off. :) I think it will still be really long but you will still have a cut!

Seriously love the sponge curls! My mother used to put those in my hair and i HATED them! ;) I used to run around the house crying! She loved it, she won! LOL

Mary said...

I was thinking the same, somewhere in the middle - not above your shoulders, for sure!!! Don't do it!!! I have super thin hair so I've cut it off a few times bc stylists will say "it will look like it has more volume" blah blah but NO. don't do it. haha. I told the guy who cuts my hair now NOT to let me cut it off for a very long time.

So yeah...oh and I think the biggest thing with layers is to tell them to not make them "long layers" where there's a lot of distance between each layer, that's when it becomes very obvious when you don't style it... If the layers are closer together then it falls nicely even when ya have really straight hair.

and I really like the crazy curls, to be honest :) I was just thinking a couple nights ago that I should put curlers in my hair! I wonder where those spongy little things are...I know I had some... ;)...

Grace in my Heart said...

Don't cut the length! You'll be sad! I added layers recently and love my hair again. I actually did it myself by following a YouTube video layers I've ever had too! Start with that and if you still hate your hair then maybe cut the length. That would be my suggestion. Good luck:)

Nicole C said...

Ha! Love your strategic camera placement! :)

LOVE your hair! I'm with the first few girls. I think a medium length will be gorgeous, but you'll still have long hair. Let us know what happens!

Isaiah 55:8-9 said...

I agree with several of the bloggers - maybe a few inches shorter? See how you adjust to that, and if you want a few more inches off... do it gradually. Do you have bangs? You could try them... or layers. I do like layers - and if you curl the ends under, it can look really cute!

But I'm having hair woes too! I'm thinking of chopping it all off... (it hasn't been this long in ages) but I don't like to do it in the winter. I was just talking with my sister about it yesterday who chopped hers all off for locks of love (or something like that). Sometimes I feel like having longer hair makes me look too young. I've also been wearing it curly - which it is - instead of straightening it which makes it much faster to style in the morning -shower, scrunch in some gel and go. :) I'm trying to find a good shampoo/conditioner that keeps it really moisturized.

LOVE the pink!! :)

imusthaveprayedforpatience said...

I think red would be gorgeous, and it goes great with pale skin. As for the cut, how about a longish bob?

"All in His Perfect Timing" said...

I get an "F" with my own hair, but I LOVE the curls you did! They look great!!!
If you're not sure about super short, try some high/low lights and cutting off 4". You can always dye your whole head if you just hate it.

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