Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I am helping to put together my in-laws' 40th anniversary and we have most everything set (Mass, invitations, food, music, etc...).

The thing I need advice for is fun ways to display photos of the beautiful couple! I have seen many fun things on pinterest but am still a little unsure as to what I want to do. I'm in charge of decorations and so far, for the table decorations I'm thinking I want to display pictures of them throughout the years somehow.

The rehersal is being held at a cute little German restaurant and so the setting there is already way cute, however, I want to add personal details with the decorations (hence the photos)...or decorations in general!

So, any ideas or fun things y'all have seen?!

Let me know!

Thanks in advanced! :) in the world am I suppose to know when a blogger, that has gone to the private setting, has posted when it doesn't show up in my blog roll?!


Perfect Power in Weakness said...

I don't thing private blogs show up in your blogroll anymore. At least they don't in mine. You just have to go to the site and check for a new posting, I believe.

I like the idea you had for the table decorations...what if you displayed the photos of them through the years. Tables could have different themes (vacations, family, etc.) or different time periods (dating, the 1st 10 years of marriage, the next 10 years, etc.) That way all the tables would be different and people would have fun walking around looking at the different displays and mingling with the different people at each table.

Hebrews 11:1 said...

Yeah private blogs don't show up for me either. :(

I like PPiW's idea of different themes for each table, or different decades or something. One cute idea I've seen is to use old rustic window frames and string wire across them, then hang the pictures from the wire with clothespins.

Danya @ He Adopted Me First said...

I love putting photos on tables by putting them in these plastic stand up frames:
Super cute idea!
'Still praying for you!

Sara McLaughlin said...

I saw an idea of big beautiful frames (you can get them at walmart for about $3.50/pc. They found big prints of a tree, and put the pictures in the frames throughout the tree, like the pictures were hanging from the branches. It was pretty, and very creative. I know they have to have tree stencils somewhere, you could always paint the tree silver or gold.

Hope you find a wonderful idea! 40 years is definitely something to celebrate!!

Ania said...

I second what Hebrews said...I have always loved the pictures on a clothesline idea!

"All in His Perfect Timing" said...

I second PPIW & Hebrews ... do both! You'll probably have a hard time culling out pictures anyway ... :-) How exciting! Take some pictures of the decorations for us ... we'd love to see how it all turns out!

Anonymous said...

I know this isn't as elegant as the other comments, but a powerpoint presentation, even if it's projected in a small area, would allow everyone to enjoy all of the photos.

Made For Another World said...

Love the clothesline idea. For my grandma's 80th, I was in charge of decorations too. We had a photo table where I put boxes under a few tableclothes to make different heights. The tableclothes were casually draped over the boxes, not tight. Then, I put all her important pictures in frames (culled from my mom's massive collection) and arranged the frames on the table- some on the boxes and some not. We intertwined small white Christmas lights in between all the frames. It was pretty simple, but took a bit of time with gathering pictures and frames. Have fun. What a celebration!

Anonymous said...

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