Friday, August 10, 2012

Home doppler

I have read many pros and many cons to having a home doppler to listen to your baby's heartbeat.

I was fairly certain I wouldn't be buying one, because...well, it wasn't something we needed to spend money on.

But then, a friend who was pregnant last year, said she had one and I could borrow it if I wanted.

I instantly jumped at the opportunity!

I've had it for almost a week and to be able to listen to one of the most amazing sounds, everyday, never.gets.old.

The first night we got it i had trouble finding our little ones heartbeat.

But upon researching the best ways to do it I realized I was doing it like I had seen in the movies, ie:moving it around in large circles waiting for the familiar, "whoosh, whoosh, whoosh".

Once I learned the best way (thank you!), it popped up immediately.

150-160 BPM of pure bliss.

Every time I smile like a crazy fool and sit there in awe that there's a little one just nestled inside my womb.

My once empty womb.

I cannot believe this is happening...

Thank you Jesus for this amazing gift of life.

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Joy Beyond the Cross said...

The home doppler definitely gave me a huge sense of peace during my pregnancy with Elizabeth and I look forward to using it again in a few weeks when I get far enough along to hear it (God Willing). I used to listen in the morning and evening - best sound to wake up to and go to bed to!!!

Hebrews 11:1 said...

I borrowed one from JBTC. I loved it!!

Faith makes things possible said...

It definitely gives a sense of peace! And M, I totally listen in the morning and at night also! :)

Jenny said...

Mine is a JBTC doppler too! It has been the best best thing! When I couldn't feel him moving around in there... I would just listen to the heartbeat. Such a reassuring sound! Love it!

Kaitlin @ More Like Mary said...

Is it really safe? Ive thought about it but it makes me so nervous. I couldn't find any studies saying it was safe for everyday use but I would love to get one if I knew it was ok. I just remember our us tech saying that the sound was a lot more waves than the visual and since then ive been too nervous. Anyone have any leads?

Faith makes things possible said...

Kaitlin-your comment posted on my email but not here...weird.

Anyways, regarding the safety of the doppler-there's nothing to be concerned about! At least what I've read and heard from others. The main concern is that people will have trouble finding the heartbeat thus causing unnecessary worry and stress. Or another major concern is if a women goes only of the heartbeat and not the baby's movement-which is just as important!

Other doppler users: any other advice?

Joy Beyond the Cross said...

Yeah, that is pretty much the same thing I heard. There is no cause for concern with the actual use of the doppler - but more that it could lead to scares if you couldn't find the heartbeat. I always tried to find my heartbeat first as I knew what it consistently was (in the 90s) and then found Baby B's - always in the 140s-150s, so afterwhile towards the end, I didn't need to find mine because I pretty much knew that if it was in the 140s-150s then it was Baby B! I never heard of any other problems that could be associated with it. Kaitlin - I have 2 dopplers (long story) - do you want to borrow one?

Joy Beyond the Cross said...

Oh and check your spam folder - a couple months ago one of Kaitlin's comments ended up in my blog spam comment folder (but I still got it through e-mail). But I was wondering why her comment didn't show up on my blog. Sure enough it was in the "awaiting moderation" as spam folder.

Faith makes things possible said...

That's odd, but I'll definitely do that! Thanks pretty mama! :)

Faith makes things possible said...

M, you were right-it was in my spam folder! Problem fixed now! :)

Jenny said...

I don't use it everyday... but I do love hearing that sound! And I read the same thing... people were cautioned not by the actual doppler, but by only going by the hb and not the movement, especially later in pregnancy, when the movement is so important. I now pay more attention to that, b/c I can feel him move throughout the day. When I couldn't feel him move, this was a lifesaver. It reduced my crazy baby anxiety!