Friday, August 26, 2011

That quick how-to for those fun spiral/wave curls

Okay guys. First thing is first...I am no professional. Shocking, but it's true. Secondly, I've tried many different types of curls and this one is my favorite so far! Here's the how-to:

First you are going to grab a small section of hair. Then if you are have been doing P90.x or any other workout and see that you have a line (which is practically a muscle) in your arm, you snap that picture because you are proud! ;)

Next you will need to grab your styling tool...the nifty curling iron. I used a 1.5 inch one, I think (see...I'm not a professional or else I would have known that!).

Then I like to start an inch or two from the scalp.

Then start to wrap the hair, starting from the middle and working down.

And continue to wrap until it gets to the end of your hair. I usually hold the hair at the end like the picture and keep the curling iron thing pressed up off the hair (does that make sense?!) because for me it would always leave a random crease in my hair so I'd rather just hold it open. Side note: If you noticed that the angle of the camera changed or even that I'm curling a different piece, well then bravo! I had my husband snap this one real quick when he woke up-a few hours after the others. ;)

Then I like to angel the curling iron down so that the curl will fall off without any hesitation...

Like so!

Your curls should look like this!

Keep going with the process until all your hair is done. My is rather thick so I pin the top part up and work the bottom part first. Also, spray the sections when you are done (I've mentioned before my hair is pretty straight and doesn't hold curls that well, so the hairspray helps!). While you are curling, some may be tighter than others, do not mess with them though until the end-then you can go and finger comb your hair and see which ones need touch ups.

Okay. I hope that makes some sort of sense. Like I said, I'm no professional but I did find something I liked so I thought I would share! And now...I'll leave you with some words of wisdom-if you haven't read/seen The Help, I highly recommend it-I saw it opening weekend and finished the book literally seconds before! ;).


JellyBelly said...

Thanks for the tutourial! My hair is still way too short to do this, but perhaps when it's longer I can try it (then again, I have straight Asian hair which doesn't hold curl AT ALL). A girl can dream, yes?

Grace in my Heart said...

Ohhh thanks for this! Can't wait to try!

Sarah said...

Fun! The two things my fine hair does well are: hold color and curls. I'll have to try this soon (and wish I had thick, gorgeous hair like you!)

Anonymous said...

loved that The Help quote...that scene made me tear cute. and that poor woman with the miscarriages...such a good movie!

Anonymous said...

loved that The Help quote...that scene made me tear cute. and that poor woman with the miscarriages...such a good movie!

Joy Beyond the Cross said...

I loved the book and the movie!!! So good! Your hair is so stinking cute!!!