Sunday, July 1, 2012

Question about loss of symptom

Okay, I know that I am an over thinker.

Every single twinge or discomfort at the very beginning of my pregnancy had me running to

Yeah, probably not the best idea.

I thought that once I saw our little one on the screen and saw their heart beat, I would be doing just fine and no longer needing's services.


Yesterday I noticed that my brea.sts started to feel not as tender.
So I freaked out a bit because there's so many articles on-line stating that that is a sign of miscarriage.

I texted a friend who has been pregnant.
She said not to worry.

I texted my preggo SIL.
She said not to worry, that that had happened to her.

But then I wake up this morning and they are even less tender and of course when I run to and the articles that show up (mixed of course, with the ones that say it's normal) freak me out.

I know the first thing I should do is to NOT check with doctor goog.le and the second thing I need to do is rely more on God and trust that he has brought us here for a reason.

I have decided enough with though, it's quite stressful the things you can read.

So, of those that have been pregnant, have y'all experienced loss of tenderness around 8.5 weeks?
Is this normal?
Should I call my doctor?

Thanks in advanced...


Hebrews 11:1 said...

I think I remember the same thing happening to me. I wouldn't worry, but it doesn't hurt to call your doctor, just for your own peace of mind. I think if you're not having cramping or bleeding you're probably okay. PPVI gave me a list of miscarriage/preterm labor symptoms to look out for and I don't think losing breast tenderness was one of them.

Anonymous said...

I am a lurker, but don't worry! Same thing happened to me at that stage.

Sew said...

Those symptoms are so unreliable. :) They come in and out....

I agree with hebrews if you aren't having significant cramps or blood, you are good.... ;)

Dang kids are trouble from the start! :)

allyouwhohope said...

I remember it definitely went away for me at a certain point, probably around that time. I'm still praying for you and your little babe :)

Jenny said...

Yep... agree with the others. One day my breasts would be SO sore... the next notsomuch.

I felt pukey everyday and then... notsomuch. The first day I felt better, I was worried sick!

If you continue to worry... call your doctor. One day I worked out too much and was in so.much.pain. Hebrews had to talk me off a ledge that day/night. I was in shear panic mode. Flipping out!

I swore I had ruptured my uterus or something (geez!) with my stair stepping workout. Dr. Google was not kind. So, I just called my doctor at like 10pm and told them what I was feeling. They had me come in the next morning for a HB check. Why? Not because anything was wrong - my doctor knew it was just normal stretching/round ligament pain (serious OUCH!).... but she said that me worrying was what was bad for the baby... not using the step machine at the gym. I did take a little time off from the gym after that though! :)

So do what you need to do to feel a bit better, because that worry stuff doesn't go away for a long time. It's another 'pregnancy after IF' symptom. And stay away from dr. google. :)

Made For Another World said...

If it's any consolation, when I was pregnant, NOT having tender breasts was my clue. I always have had tender breasts a week before my period and even a few days in. I wasn't charting or anything (12 years ago!) and when they weren't tender when I was 4 days overdue for my period, it was suspicious. So, you can be pregnant without this symptom! And, yes, I agree with Sew. This is just the beginning of the worrying... ;) May God fill you with his peace!

alison said...

My breasts weren't tender after 2 around 6 weeks they stopped hurting. And my son is currently nursing so all's well :)

The IF Cross said...

All my symptoms went away early and everything was ok. I was one of those lucky people that didn't have much symptoms at all. I remember the three times that I puked the entire pregnancy. Praying for you!

Sarah said...

I had a lot of varied symptoms in my first couple months including a phase of feeling very "not pregnant." I went from knock-down-dragged-out tired and cranky for what would normally have been my post-peak phase, to early nausea to totally fading symptoms that had me freaking out. Then, the symptoms seemed to return and slowly build (but honestly, it's not uncommon for one symptom to come and go while another one goes and comes, sort of overlapping and morphing and changing with some occasional total lack of symptoms). Finally around 8-12 weeks, if you're going to be "that woman" with morning sickness, that's when it gets insane and hard (but some women never experience it at all).

All that to say... you are totally normal sounding to me! But I know it's impossible not to worry. Give yourself permission to have a couple "I know I am crazy, but... " phone calls to your OB (or NaPro specialist) to help keep you sane. You won't be the first or last woman to make such calls. :) And I HATED hearing this but try not to stress as stress alone is eh, not the best for pregnancy (but if you DO stress, don't stress about being stressed lol... just accept that you're human and normal and we ALL do it during pregnancy at some point).

My Heart Exults said...

It happened to me too. I went in for a Beta HCG test because I was soo freaked out. Seeing a high number helped me relax. But the best thing I remember reading on someone's blog a long time ago that really helped me: "No blood, no foul." Praying for you!

Faith makes things possible said...


I know it's going to be so hard to not worry too much but I'm going to try my best!! :)

Ps-sore boobs started back up again last night! I guess y'all are right...symptoms do come and go! ;)

BlessedBeLord said...

Glad that those symptoms are back :)
Continued prayers for a worry-free pregnancy.

Awaiting a Child of God:) said...

Awe, I totally remember when I was pregnant constantly thinking thoughts like that bc I couldn't believe it was so real. I did the exact same thing with google and it drove me nuts! Good idea to drop that. Glad to read you are feeling better about it. I'm still soooo excited for you that you are preggers!!!!