Monday, September 26, 2011


I'm seriously amazed that I am just now-CD15, feeling fine.

I mean, like no more anxiety.
No more feeling left out.
No more feeling that lack of hope.
No more feeling overwhelmed.
No more feeling like I have that heavy heart that has been following me since CD1.

It feels so good.

Feelings of blessed, hopeful, happy and trusting have creeped back into my soul and I'm grateful for that.

This weekend was a busy one...lots of family fun mixed with some Ranger fun (they clinched AL west title!).

Being with family and friends throughout this weekend-especially when my husband was working-has probably played into why my soul and heart have mended.

I got a lot of snuggles with my sweet nephew because my brother and SIL came up to visit for the weekend. AWESOME surprise I found out about on Thursday.

You see, with them in town it means that my Gm's house was busting with people-cousins, brothers, aunts, little man...good times.

Then we had a birthday celebration for my dh's side of the family-one niece, a SIL and BIL.

We have had so many birthday parties in September and now coming up on October. We like to say that parents really had a good time around Christmas and New Year's. ;)

Here's hoping that my DH and I can have a really good time this holiday season! ;)

Yeah, that hope is still there like I mentioned above.

I'm so glad it's back.

I will say, that I started the St. Therese novena, along with many other bloggers, and seeing as I have a special connection (I chose her as my confirmation sponsor, her feast day is the day before my birthday, she's helped me in many situations) with St. Therese, it's not that surprising that since starting the novena I have felt so much better. (Thank you JBTC for mentioning this particular novena-it's beautiful!)

I also wanted to say thank you so much for the comments last post. Part of me was nervous to share because well, that's not something a lot of people know about (just the near and dear ones). BUT, I realized it really does play a big part in why I am who I am and why I want what I want and so I am glad that I shared. So, thank you for the feedback!

And now, ending on something completely random (because why not) I laughed out loud when I was typing in the Yah.oo search bar, "how to insert a link..." into blogger and well, the things that Yah.oo predicted I was trying to search for were the following:

Happy Monday y'all!

"Hope is the soul of the dreamer
And heaven is the home of my God
It only takes on true believer
To believe you can still beat the odds..."
(Lady Antebellum, "Heart of the World")


imusthaveprayedforpatience said...

So glad you're feeling better, and LOL ya-hoo!

Thankful said...

That google search is a hoot!

JellyBelly said...

So glad that you're feeling better!!!!

And that google search is HILARIOUS!

CM said...

Hope is awesome! Glad you had a good time with your family!

Grace in my Heart said...

HAHAHa, that is too much! So glad your spirits are up and hopeful!

Rebecca said...

So glad you are feeling better! Yay for hope.

Wait! Does that really mean that people search for a video on how to insert a tampon?

Mary said...

1) so glad you're feeling better!
2) goodNESS we have a lot in common - my bday is 2 weeks after St Therese's feast day (on Teresa of Avilas feast day) and she is my conf sponsor too :)!
3) hahahaha at ya.hoo --- go.ogle does the same thing to me sometimes, cracks me up!!!!!