Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Next steps...starting with charting again.

Like I mentioned in my last blog post I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed at where to start on this journey with Dr. H...but from y'all's advice (THANK YOU BY THE WAY!!!!) I'm seeing that I need to start charting again. I haven't charted in at least a year and prior to that I was charting consistently, so I'm sure it will take some get used to again.

First things first, I went and found an NFP doctor since my old NFP doctor moved last year. I found one not too far (yippee!) so would I need to contact them about getting new charts? I guess that's the first thing I want to do is get a few months of charting behind while I wait to hear back from Dr. H...but I can't remember for the life of me where I got them last time aside from my old doctor's office, who like I mentioned moved.

I do like the idea of charting again, it's never a bad thing, and since we still wanted to take a few months off, this would be perfect because it would mean still no doctor's appointments or medicines out the wazoo.

I really do appreciate everyone's advice-that's one thing I do love about this blogging community aside from so many other things. You see, when I have something IF related I go and and then about a bajillion million things pop up and basically I drown in all the information. Here, I can ask a question and everyone speaks from personal experience and offers their advice and it's so much easier to follow than doctor goog.le.

I will say on a random note-it's been so weird not going in to get my CD22 blood drawn to check my progesterone. Part of me wishes I was still doing that because I'm curious what my body is doing without meds, but then the other part of me quickly squashes that and remembers that pain of getting poked and then having to wait many days to even get the results (usually after AF has arrived) so I guess I don't miss it too much.

I haven't started yet-this is the part of the month that I dread really. First off, the 2ww takes forever whether you were taking meds or not-because for us we are always trying even if we aren't seeing a doctor/taking meds (one can hope and dream for a "surprise" pregnancy, right?!). Secondly, right before your period arrives you feel emotional, bloated, and crampy yet AF never arrives right when the symptoms do-nope, she wants you to wait more because 2 weeks is never enough.

Anyways, so for now I'm:
-Waiting for AF to arrive
-Doing research on that NFP doctor I found near by.
-Hoping to find out where to get charts so I can start charting again.
-Continuing to pray that God will show me if Dr. H is where He wants me to take this next step in our journey to growing our family.

All in all...I'm doing lots of research right now-but not going too crazy because we are still taking it easy for a few months.

Here's praying that God will show me just what I need to be doing next on this crazy roller coaster ride...

"Having a dream you don't pursue is like buying an ice cream cone and watching it melt all over your hand."


Lisa said...

Lauren and I both saw a NFP-only doctor up in Denton when we were living in Ft. Worth. I think his name was Dr. McDonald. His wife teaches some form of NFP, as well, and I'm 99% sure he's Catholic.

Hebrews 11:1 said...

I feel really good about you working with PPVI...I think it's the right thing to do!

Perfect Power in Weakness said...

I get my charts from my Fertility Care Specialist- or whatever the official term is. She's the one that taught me charting.

BlessedBeLord said...

I do charting on an excel which my FCP gave me. The excel is perfect since I don't have to worry about all those color stamps which you need to stick onto your Paper Chart. And when you go to visit a NaPro doctor, you can always take a Color Printout of the excel rather than carrying a Paper Chart. I could email you the excel.

imusthaveprayedforpatience said...

You could go to and find an instructor to send you charts.

Grace in my Heart said...

Happy for these next steps for you!

Mary said...

I was going to recommend the website too but an excel sheet sounds great if the instructor will let you use it! (I know mine prob wouldn't, she likes to visualize exactly what she learned to visualize, know what I mean?)

So glad you're doing this! praying for you!!!

Sarah said...

I agree with others... contact a FertilityCare Practitioner through They can refresh you on your charting, help manage your case/figure out any issues with your charting, and get you the materials.

We tried an excel spreadsheet but no one in NaPro seems to be a fan of those homemade ones (PPVI is working on an official electronic spreadsheet, I believe but it's not out). And admittedly, my Dh's homemade one *was* missing some important stuff. Now, our practitioner didn't mind the excel spreadsheet attempt so much but our doctor really didn't like it (then again, this is the doc that really did a poor job with my case, so who cares what he thinks? Lol).