Friday, April 20, 2012


I've been crafting a lot more lately and it's been so good for me. I wouldn't say I've been anymore anxious lately but I guess I've been stumped at this whole explosion of pregnancy announcements and births.

There seriously is something in the air or water and for some crazy's being kept from only certain people!

It's crrrraaaazy!!

So to keep calm...i craft on! ;)

Here's a little craft I did to hang in the bathroom-I got the quote from (wait for it, wait for it) pinterest:

I also used some left over stickers with paint samples and made little reminders to go on the fridge...just a little pick me up:

Also, I have this sweet friend that just engaged and since I knew we were meeting for dinner tonight, I decided to make her a little engagement gift:

I put it in a pretty box from the dollar section and ta-da, a quick and easy engagement gift for under $3:

Have any of y'all been up to crafting lately? Any fun projects?

And just because I had to show y'all just how ridiculous I am, the other night my dh and I were lounging and when I passes by the mirror, I laughed:

Apparently, I really wanted to match my phone!! Eek!! That was a lot of color!!! Good thing I wasn't out in public, I'm sure I would have embarrassed myself!!

"A day without laughter is a day wasted. [Charlie Chaplin]


Laura said...

Very craftastic! I love the birdie plaque! Crafting is always a great distraction- great job!

Megan Lindley said...

I gave you the Liebster Award!!! See my blog!

JellyBelly said...

You are just the craftiest!!!

Hebrews 11:1 said...

Paint samples...genius!!

Rebecca said...

Have you ever thought of having an etsy store? You are way more crafty than I could ever be - and I love the things you make :)

Grace in my Heart said...

Love it. :)

Faith makes things possible said...

I've thought about it but I guess that thought was overwhelming. However, you aren't the first person to say this so maybe I should think about it more seriously

Mary said...

so cute!! we need to live CLOSE and CRAFT together. In my dream house, I'll have a craft room......*sigh*...haha

Ania said...

That sign is adoreably hilarious!