Friday, November 16, 2012

A month of gratitude: day 15& day 16

Yesterday (oops-forgot to post!), I was thankful for my little one's kicks and wiggles. I can seriously just lay and stare at my belly jumping and rolling from one side to the other! Truly an amazing feeling and sight to see. Oh and can you believe that we are already in our third trimester! So very thankful to be able to type those words also!

Today, I am thankful for the cooler weather! Here in Texas you never know what the weather will be like day to day (80 one day and then cold the next!). I just think it should be mandatory for the weather to be cooler around the holidays! It just doesn't seem right to be rocking a bikini on Thanksgiving! ;)***

***By the way, I have never rocked a bikini on Thanksgiving but I'm pretty sure you get the picture!!!

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All in His Perfect Timing said...

Love the belly pic!!! You are so stylish! Cute outfit!