Monday, November 26, 2012

A month of gratitude: day 26

That's I'm thankful for y'all-all the wonderful people I've "met" in the blogging community!

I don't know how many times I've felt completely alone in our IF journey with my feelings, thoughts and symptoms.

Then, I discovered this amazing community and realized that I wasn't alone.

And what an incredible feeling to know you're not alone, especially while carrying the very painful cross of IF.

Sure, I may not be the best at commenting (ill work on that I promise!), the most eloquent with words and my pictures are 99.9% from my iPhone but those things don't matter. One things for sure, I love this community and the support that goes along with it.

And as amazing as my dh has been throughout all our years of struggle, there's something about knowing that another woman gets the emotional turmoil and pain that comes along with another baby shower, or another pregnancy announcement or the feeling that you are failing as a woman.

This community has been a life saver more times than not.

So, thank y'all!!!!

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Kat said...

I am thankful for your blog! Your blog was one of the first IF blogs I read. I remember thinking, wow she understands what I am feeling! Thank God for this community!

Joy Beyond the Cross said...

Hey J - can I get your mailing address? You can send it to me e-mail I have a little something I want to send, but I can't find your address. I sent a note via FB last week, but maybe you didn't see it.

And as the commenter above stated - I am also thankful for your blog!!! :)

Nicole C said...

Couldn't agree more!

Ania said...

And we are thankful for you!