Thursday, May 6, 2010


In between leaving Dr. P and seeing the fertility specialist my prescription ran out for prometrium. I need prometrium to jump start my periods because of my PCOS. One would think it would be a simple call my old doctor and ask for a prescription however, he has moved offices due to some issues. Well, I called my new doctor's office to see about getting a new prescription, it's so weird not starting my period since I've always more or less been on some sort of medicine to help me start, but I still haven't heard back from them. I should have started about two weeks ago and here I am, no period, seventy bagillion pregnancy tests taken (just cause you never know...) and I got nothing!

I wish my body was like the average woman's body. No period=pregnancy! Or at least that's the way things are suppose to work. I get so frustrated with my body! I tell my husband all the time that I wish it wasn't broken. He reassures me it is not and it's exactly the way God made me. He's awesome. I guess it's just frustrating to be a woman and know that things aren't ticking right.

I am really hoping that we are able to schedule the surgery sooner than later. I don't like the idea of the surgery but I love thinking about possible outcomes. This particular doctor does the ovarian drilling laprascopically so that's nice. When we met with her in February she said that with my height (5'7") I should lose a few pounds, at least 10. I was (gasp, I can't believe I'm saying this here) 167 which is the largest I've been due to my eating whenever and whatever when my husband, whose metabolism is threw the roof, does. So I started eating healthier and not as much and often and I'm around 158. I am hoping 10 or so more pounds...but we shall see. When it's late and I want to eat something I remind myself that the surgery has a better chance of a positive outcome if I am at a healthy weight.

Ok, so quick question for anyone that actually reads this. If not, I don't mind maybe at some point someone will and then they can answer...I'm in no hurry! I've been charting since probably January '08 and I have always had dumb green stickers...pretty much dry days always! Well, in the last couple of weels since going off the metformin, prometrium, estradiol, HCG shots, amaoxcillin (sp?!), etc..I have had some pretty great where I can actually feel it and when I went to the bathroom and checked I about peed myself! ;) It was the CM that I prayed for each month yet NEVER saw it. I actually noticed it for the first time 2 weeks ago, around the time that had a taken the prometrium, I would have started. I am baffled/excited by this and was wondering what the heck it means? Could it be possible that I ovulated really late? Either way, I love seeing it there...makes my body feel a little less broken.

That's all for's a long post but I guess I had a lot to get off my chest.


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