Wednesday, May 26, 2010


On my balcony I noticed a bird sitting in my hanging ivy and when I opened the door, she flew off and I saw why she was sitting there...

Then later, I came back to snap a picture of the mama bird! Look closely and you can see her little head in the middle! I was too freaked out of her "attacking" me for getting close to her eggs so this was as close as I would get! ;)

Needless to say, moments after taking this picture she flew off and I threw my iPhone in the air (somehow managing to catch it before it hit the ground) and ran inside (heart racing of course)! I felt stupid but once again, I didn't want to get attacked! Besides, for the first picture of the eggs I made my husband stand outside with me in case she came back for me!! ;)


JellyBelly said...

I looked and looked but I can't see the Mama bird!!!

Good thing that you caught your i.Phone! Since I got mine I've been so scared of dropping it even though I got a fancy case (apparently I can drop it from 4 ft, but I'm not going to try!).

Faith makes things possible said...

Ok, so I circled her on the picture! It's terrible quality because I'm so far away but she is indeed there!

My husband has that case and to be quite honest, I probably need that one too! Isn't it the one where you can put it in water if you wanted? Probably not something you would want to try either! ;)