Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I made it!

I survived last week's crazy driving! I added up all the hours I spent on the road and it was around 23 hours from Tue-Sunday...exhausting but so worth every moment of it!

Now, back to the appointment (wow...I can't believe it was over a week ago!):
I have to start by saying that having a pro-life, amazing Catholic doctor is so amazing. We left bright and early in the morning and head down south. Southbound 35 is such a beautiful drive. It's hard to see the beautiful flowers lining the road and the sun peaking from the fields without thinking of God; sometimes I think I take this for granted...the beautiful scenes that God literally paints out right in front of me, I'm trying not to though. Anyways, along the way we pray our rosary and offer up that God will give us the courage to accept whatever it is that Dr. G wants to tell us and know that HE put us there for a reason and to trust in Him whole heartily. I was feeling anxious because I was worried that maybe she would want to try Clomid again or this medicine at another time and whatnot. I didn't want this because I have been on medicine for so long and the thought of trying it again was discouraging. Also, I wanted to pray that if she was definite about planning the surgery, I really wanted it to be sooner rather than later. But again, I offered it up and trusted that the timing would be perfect whether it be next month or in 6 months.

We get there a little before our appointment and thankfully only had to wait about 30 minutes. My husband goes and sits in the little room while I go and get weighed...woot, woot...I lost 10 pounds since my last appointment in February! Hello not eating everything my DH does (he eats a lot and at many hours of the day!)'s amazing how that works! ;) Dr. G comes in and starts to go over the blood work that was done last month. She says that everything is looking really good and she thinks that, based off of everything that we have done so far, that surgery would be our next best option. She discussed the difference between the wedge resection and the ovarian drilling and then decides that maybe we should do both, one on each. I told her, "heck why not...let's live on the edge and try it all!" ;) She thought it would be good to do one of each and then later go in and look and see which one heals better, etc...

She was so sweet and after mentioning about the surgery to us she told us to remember to pray about this and ask God for guidance. We told her that we have indeed been praying about this since we left last time. She said that since this cycle was literally the first without medicine in years and my body was doing crazy things (well, I say crazy but things like actually seeing some good EWCM after not seeing it ever really) she wanted to wait one more month and see how things go. Let my body sort of adjust to not being on medicine and see how it goes. Then if we aren't pregnant by July then we will do the surgery. We both feel so at peace about it all and are anxious for the surgery. I'm continuing to watch what I eat and am trying to be as healthy as possible. Before we left she grabbed both our hands and she led prayer (see, Catholic doctors are the best!)!

One amazing thing that she said also was that we need to remember to always find a way to praise and thank God. She said that if for some reason my period didn't start on my own that week (but it did!) and if I had to take prometrium to jump start it then I should THANK GOD to live in a country where I am able to get the medicine. She said to always find a way in the midst of happy time and more importantly, in the midst of struggles. I was proud to get to tell her that my DH does this already and that during our rosary the other day he offered it up saying that even though this time has been so difficult and hard, he was thankful for the time it gave for just the two of us to grow. I agree and am trying to remember this when I am feeling especially down. So, for whoever reads this I encourage you to try really hard to remember to thank God in the struggles. I actually did it the other day when we were stuck in traffic and late to getting to where we were getting, I said "God, thank you for allowing me to here safe and sound with my DH. Help me to not take a single moment for granted." And surprisingly I my nerves were calmed! I know this wont work quite as easily every time but I'm going to work on thanking HIM anyways.

Now, before I finish up my novel of an entry I have a couple of blogging world questions:
1) How do I show on my page the blogs I follow?
2) How the heck do I know when I get comments? Today I came to write an entry and just for fun was looking at my blog and saw some comments (which literally brought a huge smile to my face!)...I had no clue people had commented!
3)If I am referencing another blogger, how do I do the thing where the name that I type out is actually a link to their website?

Well, ladies...I am off to make a birthday card for my beautiful soon to be SIL's birthday, which we will be celebrating tonight! I hope that everyone is doing well.

"So we were southbound 35, we were headed down the road...let Texas fill my soul,
yeah let Texas fill my soul."


Jenny said...

If I comment about how you know there is a comment... Will you see the comment?? ;). Send me an email and I can send you some helpful blogger hints. My email is on my profile. :)

Hebrews 11:1 said...

Glad your appointment went well! I'm not sure I'm the best person to ask about the surgery--the ovarian wedge resection was only part of what I had done, and I didn't have any ovarian drilling done.

What caused all my complications was that I got an infection. How it happened, we don't know. I was in surgery for a really long time (6.5 hours) because my endo was VERY extensive and there was so much work that needed to be done. That increased the infection risk, but like I said, we'll never know what caused it.

Had I not had the infection, the recovery would have been pretty simple. I would have been out of the hospital in just a few days and probably would be almost normal by now. My hardship in this experience has been 100% due to the infection. Most people don't get infections with surgery. I just happened to be unlucky!

If they are only working on your ovaries, I'm not sure if they can do that laprascopically or not--if they can, and they don't have to make a big incision, you'll be feeling better within a few days.

If you have any other questions you can email me at wewalkbyfaith2008 at gmail dot com.

Suzie-Q T-Pie said...

Congrats on the 10lbs! Your post was great, I love this "always find a way in the midst of happy time and more importantly, in the midst of struggles" I always try to remember this, it is hard, but when things seem bad and I start thanking God for the things that are good in my life, my perspective does seem to change a litte.
It took me forever to figure out the blog thing. but I think I can help a little.
To put the blogs that your following on the sidebar, you go to Edit Layout. then on the side it says to add a Gadgett. click this. A box will show up and scroll down till you see Blog List. click the + button. from there it is pretty self explanatory.
I pretty much just messed around on here for a few hours and tried to figure out as much as possible. I still have no idea though about how to type something so you click on it and it is a link. when you find out let me know! :)

Jenny said...

Ok... To type a Link... when you are composing your post, you type the name... for example... Jenny... then you would highlight the name/phrase or whatever you want to be the Link. If you are using the 'Updated Editor' version of blogger... you will then hit the LINK button and then enter the link. The link will then become highlighted! If you are using the 'Old Editor'... you hit a little button that looks like a little world with a chain link on it. Then you enter the link and you are on your way! You should be under 'compose' to do these actions. See it?? If not, let me know. Don't know what version you are using? Go to settings... and it's under the tab basic.

To get notifications that you have comments... Go to Settings... then go to Comment tab... and it is at the bottom there is a section on Comment Notification... enter your email there and you will get an email whenever someone writes a comment. I love this feature... and everyone loves comments! It took me FOREVER to figure out how to get follow-up comments and it was right in front of me! Ha!

The settings tab will help you a bunch... and so will the Layout feature. You can select how your archives look, decide where to put what, etc. Like Suzie-Q said, it takes just playing around with it to get the hang of it. :)

I'm not sure if I'm being very clear... but I hope it helps!

Faith makes things possible said...

Thanks for all the help ladies! I'm working on it!

alison said...

this too! i love that you have this doctor you can pray with...and in Texas?? I want one like this in my city!!

Faith makes things possible said...

I almost felt like we were doing something "wrong" when she asked us to pray! It's so taboo nowadays to mix prayer/religion into anything other than church!