Thursday, July 1, 2010

Busy busy busy bee

I have done a rather poor job of blogging and commenting! I've read a couple posts here and there but have been rather busy and well, I guess this is life!

I am heading to B-CS this weekend because my big brother is getting married!!!! I'm sooo excited! She's a great girl and I'm so excited to get a new sister. My younger brother got married last August and I was married June '07 and now my big brother is joining the amazing club called marriage! ;)

I hope that all you ladies are doing well. I have continued to pray for many of you, so even if I haven't posted a comment in awhile it definitely doesn't mean that I have stopped the prayers.

A couple prayer requests:
-That my blood work goes well tomorrow so we can schedule my surgery soon after.
-My husband is doing a sign up at work and he really wants to keep the same time and days off...the big sign up is at 3:30 today!!
-That the house hunting goes smoothly (is that even possible?!).
-That my brother's wedding goes great filled with tons of love and lots of laughter!

Happy (almost) weekend to everyone!!!

"Be glad of life because it gives you the chance to love and to work and to play and to look up at the stars."


mrsblondies said...

Do you live in Texas? My DH went to A&M.

I'll be praying for those things for you. Have a great weekend.

Faith makes things possible said...

Yes I do!
And your dh is a good man, I can tell! :) That's where I went also!
Thanks for the prayers! It's already dh got the shift and area he wanted!

Trustful Surrender said...

Will do! Have a great time.

Leila @ Little Catholic Bubble said...

I love weddings! How wonderful!! I will definitely pray for you!

mrsblondies said...

I don't know if you have heard about the IF weekend that I'm hosting at my house in August. Go to my blog and check it out.

Grace in my Heart said...

Congrats to your brother! I LOVE weddings! :)

Suzie-Q T-Pie said...

I will keep you in my prayers girly! :) Congrats for your brother!