Friday, July 23, 2010

Quick Takes

1) I'm about 60% done with all the packing. Feels good but I still feel SO far from done. Damn those closets where I have simply thrown things in to get out of the way...

2) I was having a bit of an "issue" with a cousin of mine today. She's 21. She told me 4 months ago that she felt old and that she wished she was already married with children, etc.. Now she is engaged. I tried calling her to talk about this but wasn't able to get a hold of her so I sent a message via FB just to check and see more about what was going on, follow up on our crazy conversation from a few months ago and see if she was truly ready to be married (etc..etc..). Yeah...that went well. And by well I mean the sh*t hit the fan. It's just so darn hard to get a message across, emotions and all, in a message without the possibility of it coming across as judgmental. After I received her "not quite the response I was expecting because I was being nice and non judgmental" I was shocked. Thankfully, this time instead of messaging back I sent her a text and said to call me when she got off work and she did and we talked and things are fine now. Apparently, the part of the message where I wrote "I don't think you are being crazy, stupid or irrational..." she read as "I think you ARE being crazy, stupid or irrational..." thus making sense of her response. Although I still may have reservations because of our conversation in February, I realized that all I could do was express my concern, hear her side and pray for her.

3) #2 kept my mind off moving and surgery all day because I got the message from her this morning and we weren't able to speak until tonight. Maybe it was good to worry about something else for a change. Just kidding, I'd really rather not worry about anything but that's kinda not me. I really am trying to work on not worrying so much, though, because no good comes from it.

4) Speaking of surgery, I can't believe that it's in a few short days. The hopefulness is still there and I like that. I HOPE the hopefulness stays around...

5) Have I mentioned how much I hate packing?! Well...I do!

6) I was really excited today to read that I had won an award over at Little Catholic Bubble even though my answer wasn't all right! Maybe next time! :)

7) Last but not least...I'm missing my husband. Since he works nights I'm trying my best to do the packing so that he doesn't have to worry about it. Although I know how much he loves working nights, in his certain area, with his guys...I don't so much like it. There are times that I wished that we could be a "normal" couple where he goes to work 9-5 and we spend the evenings and weekends together. Even though I think about this, I would never want him to change because it's what he loves and it makes him happy. Happy husband=happy wife=happy life!

Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy.
(Leo Buscaglia)


Leila @ Little Catholic Bubble said...

I was so happy to give you an award, ha ha! Many are jealous of you! ;)

I am so glad you worked it out with your cousin. Misunderstandings are very painful.

Number 7 is so sweet!!

mrsblondies said...

Sorry to hear about the misunderstand with your cousin. Her feeling old at 21 makes me laugh and I'm not quite 30 yet.

You are one busy woman with moving and surgery. Good luck with both!