Monday, May 9, 2011

Easy gift idea

I was thinking about this post yesterday and onto today.

I thought of writing about how I woke yesterday full of confidence about this cycle and full of hope that maybe, just maybe this was our cycle.

I thought about writing about how my dh spoiled me with hugs and kisses and "you're going to be a mama soon and you will be the best one ever!"

I thought about writing about how the day was great.

Then, I thought about writing about how I basically skipped into Mass with that confidence and hope that I had when I started the day.

I also thought writing about how when the priest told everyone to stand that was a mother to be given their blessings, I lost it.

All my confidence and hope seem to disappear and I broke into to tears sobbing and yearning to stand alongside those other women.

My only saving grace, my amazing dh holding my hand tighter than normal and whispering sweet things in my ear and also, the cute little girl in front of me staring with such concern over my tears. When our eyes met, she gave the sweetest little smile, so as to reassure me it was ok.

After Mass and lots of hugs and prayers, my confidence and hope were back. And thankfully the rest of the day was great, spent with my dh, and my brothers and their others. Oh yeah, and this little guy:

My sweet nephew! I got lots of snuggles in with him and that was great.

So yeah, that's what I was going to talk about but instead, I decided to write about my gift I made for my Gm and MIL for mother's day. ;) This gift, hand scrub, can totally be done for any occasions and was super easy and super cheap.

Here's the supplies and the final product:

Here's the link where I got the idea! And I tried some of it and it left my hands feeling really soft! My Gm is a avid gardener so that's her's on the left and my MIL's on the right.

Well, I hope that each and everyone of you ladies had a good day yesterday. Or if not a good day then I hope that you at least survived it.

It's a new day.
Don't give up on that hope.

"PRAY. There is immeasurable power in it."


Grace in my Heart said...

I'm so sorry! I remember many a Sunday bawling in church. You're not alone! How sweet of you to make are so crafty!

God Alone Suffices said...

I'm so glad that I went to the Traditional Latin Mass yesterday--There was not one mention of Mother's Day, just a May Crowning for Our Lady after Mass. I know I would have lost it if I had to see all the mothers stand up and hear the applause, etc.

Anyway, this is such a great gift idea! I wish I were as crafty as you! :) This seems pretty easy though...maybe I'll try it! :)

Anonymous said...

oh man, i totally know how you feel. i think i've been sheltered here in Mexico with a homily in a language i didn't understand, which for the first time was probably a good thing. but when i saw my friends pictures on facebook with her carnations and her pregnant belly, i couldn't help but think the only motherly difference between us at this point is that sperm met that egg. that little girls look alone would have probably made me cry too. your husband sounds like a winner though. AND i agree, nothing is more healing than holding a little almost stops time!

Lisa said...

GREAT gift idea! We'll be seeing my MIL on Friday and my mom on Sunday (I'll be back in YOUR town... want to meet up and go for a walk or something??) and I already started trying different smells with the scrub. I just made some with coconut extract and I can't quit smelling my hands! lol Hope to see you soon... e-mail/call me if you don't hear from me in a day or 2!

Hebrews 11:1 said...

I felt the same way at mass. But glad you got to snuggle with your cute nephew! He is a doll!!

Katie @ Persevere in Prayer said...

I'm sure that little girl's smile helped tremendously. And that is so sweet of your DH to make sure you made it through. God bless our DHs!