Tuesday, May 31, 2011

CD14 follicle check

Lining...looks great!
Left side...16mm was the biggest.
Right side...23-24mm!!!!!

First follicle check this cycle and it looks great!

This is very exciting.

Pcos=sad dinky follicles.

Not for me this month.

The nurse was quite impressed.

I was quite impressed.

The hot flashes are so worth it...the clomid is doing something.

I don't think I've ever been so excited to take a shot in my life.

Hgc trigger I come!!

Now dear body, keep doing what you're doing and maybe, just maybe this could be our month.

I'm overfilled with joy right now.

There's hope this cycle.

LOTS of hope.

Thank you, Jesus!


Grace in my Heart said...

Yay, praying!!!

St. Rita's Roses said...

Yay!!! (Posting from my phone..hope it works!?

Rebecca @ The Road Home said...

Yay for hope! Praying :).

mrsblondies said...

Hope is awesome. Praying!

JellyBelly said...

Woohoo! Praying for your follies!

Patiently Waiting...... said...

Hooray! Grow, follies, grow! Praying!

Lisa said...

Praying!! Hoping that the next time I see you, you'll be on your way to a baby bump.

God Alone Suffices said...

So exciting! :) Praying!

Megan said...

Hooray! Praying this is your cycle!! :)

Joy Beyond the Cross said...

Wowsers, that is an AWESOME follicle!!!!! I am so excited for you, praying!!!!!

Anonymous said...

praying for you!

l(IF)e Capital IF said...

Rock on! Sending prayers your way...

Faith makes things possible said...

Thanks SO much for all the prayers ladies! My husband was pleasantly shocked with the news of my follicle. Needless to say, we've been having a fun "honeymoon" phase, as the nurse put it! ;)

Thanks again!!

Nicole C said...

I love hope! Good luck!!!